Staffordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atcherley, Amy  21 Jan 1930Staffordshire, England I635
2 Atcherley, Graham  Abt 1955Staffordshire, England I954
3 Bagley, Levison  6 Feb 1928Staffordshire, England I3004
4 Braidley, George Edward  26 Sep 1903Staffordshire, England I3261
5 Bullock, Edna M  8 Mar 1912Staffordshire, England I2082
6 Collins, Decima  25 Jul 1922Staffordshire, England I1721
7 Collins, Edith Mary  7 Jan 1915Staffordshire, England I5957
8 Collins, George Tony  18 Aug 1919Staffordshire, England I1720
9 Collins, Isabel Rae  23 Oct 1912Staffordshire, England I1718
10 Collins, Joyce  27 Apr 1910Staffordshire, England I1717
11 Collins, Ronald William C  24 May 1917Staffordshire, England I1719
12 Eardley, George  19 Jun 1915Staffordshire, England I5954
13 Eardley, MIldred Nellie  26 Jan 1914Staffordshire, England I5953
14 Elliott, Eliza Ann  4 Oct 1914Staffordshire, England I5966
15 Evans, Albert C  Abt Aug 1933Staffordshire, England I5951
16 Finney, Phebe  Abt May 1862Staffordshire, England I3536
17 Forrest, Gladys  26 May 1931Staffordshire, England I1311
18 Gilmore, Lily  1 Oct 1913Staffordshire, England I2998
19 Gorton, Elsie  24 Jan 1914Staffordshire, England I2994
20 Herrington, Nancy  27 Apr 1926Staffordshire, England I622
21 Horton, Thomas  Abt 1811Staffordshire, England I4256
22 Jebb, Julian A M  2 Apr 1934Staffordshire, England I4485
23 Jones, Charles R H  1928Staffordshire, England I5250
24 Maher, Peter F  Abt 1922Staffordshire, England I5331
25 Massey, Edna  Abt 1934Staffordshire, England I4910
26 Matthews, Atcherley  Abt Feb 1877Staffordshire, England I1666
27 Matthews, Charles Atcherley  Abt May 1875Staffordshire, England I1665
28 Palin, Joseph Thompson  28 Sep 1911Staffordshire, England I1335
29 Palin, William  15 Aug 1913Staffordshire, England I1336
30 Peakman, Joan  6 Jan 1921Staffordshire, England I4578
31 Perrin, Sandra Mary  24 Jul 1953Staffordshire, England I1775
32 Scott, Dorothy  7 Jun 1908Staffordshire, England I3263
33 Shakeshaft, Wilfred Arthur  3 Jan 1909Staffordshire, England I1684
34 Sharp, Herbert Ronald T  14 May 1913Staffordshire, England I3504
35 Steventon, Leslie E  1912Staffordshire, England I1881
36 Sylvester, Frank Raymond  19 Jun 1923Staffordshire, England I1310
37 Sylvester, Nancy G  1921Staffordshire, England I1309
38 Unknown, Elizabeth  Abt 1817Staffordshire, England I4257
39 Wall, Charles Henry  20 Nov 1887Staffordshire, England I1947
40 Wall, Joan Irene  12 Oct 1925Staffordshire, England I644
41 Ward  1928Staffordshire, England I3000
42 Ward, Arthur J  1906Staffordshire, England I2999
43 Ward, Dorothy  1931Staffordshire, England I3001
44 Windsor, Charles H  1921Staffordshire, England I5272


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ackland, Ethel  1952Staffordshire, England I1880
2 Atcherley, Edith  Abt May 1936Staffordshire, England I82
3 Atcherley, Fanny  20 Jul 1951Staffordshire, England I652
4 Atcherley, Graham  Abt 1955Staffordshire, England I954
5 Atcherley, Herbert Russell  1977Staffordshire, England I641
6 Atcherley, John  Abt Nov 1961Staffordshire, England I654
7 Atcherley, Mary  Abt May 1924Staffordshire, England I121
8 Atcherley, Mary  1958Staffordshire, England I572
9 Atcherley, Richard  Bef 10 Mar 1938Staffordshire, England I668
10 Atcherley, Robert Edward  14 Jun 1968Staffordshire, England I643
11 Atcherley, Thomas  1981Staffordshire, England I618
12 Bagley, Amos  1977Staffordshire, England I1340
13 Bagley, Doris  1958Staffordshire, England I1337
14 Bagley, Frederick Henry  Abt 1971Staffordshire, England I1338
15 Bagley, Levison  2005Staffordshire, England I3004
16 Bagley, Nellie  Abt 1952Staffordshire, England I1339
17 Bagley, Samuel  1961Staffordshire, England I1331
18 Bagley, Seth  Abt 1957Staffordshire, England I3327
19 Bagley, Walter  1957Staffordshire, England I3326
20 Bonehill, Angela  1977Staffordshire, England I3266
21 Boulton, Thomas  Abt 1925Staffordshire, England I3286
22 Braidley, George Edward  1978Staffordshire, England I3261
23 Brindley, Sarah Ann  1894Staffordshire, England I3302
24 Brown, Lavinia  1863Staffordshire, England I2222
25 Brown, Robert  Abt 1911Staffordshire, England I2218
26 Browne, Jane Maria  1872Staffordshire, England I1532
27 Bullock, Edna M  1960Staffordshire, England I2082
28 Capper, Fanny  1946Staffordshire, England I2964
29 Chadwick, Pamela  Abt 1876Staffordshire, England I3492
30 Challenor, Albert Edward  1962Staffordshire, England I667
31 Challenor, Beatrice Alice  1987Staffordshire, England I642
32 Champ, Edgar  1958Staffordshire, England I3190
33 Champ, Edward  1953Staffordshire, England I3191
34 Champ, James Holland  1920Staffordshire, England I3186
35 Chesters, Annie  1997Staffordshire, England I3002
36 Colbourne, Annie  1952Staffordshire, England I619
37 Collins, Decima  1942Staffordshire, England I1721
38 Collins, Edith Mary  1985Staffordshire, England I5957
39 Collins, George  Abt May 1962Staffordshire, England I83
40 Collins, Harry Gordon  Abt May 1879Staffordshire, England I5703
41 Collins, Harry Gordon  1880Staffordshire, England I3143
42 Collins, Isabel Rae  Abt Feb 1999Staffordshire, England I1718
43 Collins, John Herbert  Aft 6 Feb 1880Staffordshire, England I5704
44 Collins, Ronald William C  Abt 1999Staffordshire, England I1719
45 Copeland, Lucretia Boulton  1920Staffordshire, England I2221
46 Davies, Ann  Abt 1907Staffordshire, England I1993
47 Eardley, George  Abt 1944Staffordshire, England I1324
48 Eardley, George  Abt Nov 1985Staffordshire, England I5954
49 Elliott, Eliza Ann  Abt Aug 1999Staffordshire, England I5966
50 Elsmere, Mary Atcherley  Bef 15 Jan 1890Staffordshire, England I2580

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bromage / Bagley  1924Staffordshire, England F937
2 Christmas / Vernon  1920Staffordshire, England F1914
3 Davies / Pye  1936Staffordshire, England F1016
4 Eardley / Farmer  1913Staffordshire, England F1913
5 Finney / Sharratt  1921Staffordshire, England F1123
6 Freeman / Pye  1936Staffordshire, England F1015
7 Helliwell / Collins  1943Staffordshire, England F1915
8 Hodgkiss / Tudor  Abt 1907Staffordshire, England F1691
9 Johnson / Davenport  1929Staffordshire, England F1849
10 Jones / Wright  1859Staffordshire, England F1720
11 Juckes / Peakman  Abt 1942Staffordshire, England F1438
12 Krejci / Juckes  Abt 1950Staffordshire, England F1436
13 Owen / Weaving  1945Staffordshire, England F1681
14 Palin / Elliott  Abt Aug 1934Staffordshire, England F1920
15 Powell / Sharp  1916Staffordshire, England F1110
16 Spark / Bullock  1936Staffordshire, England F696
17 Webster / Turner  1906Staffordshire, England F952