Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atcherley, George  9 Aug 1819Surrey, England I406
2 Atcherley, James  26 Oct 1815Surrey, England I404
3 Atcherley, John  26 Oct 1817Surrey, England I405
4 Budd, Irene Grace  1 Oct 1913Surrey, England I188
5 Dackombe, Elizabeth Stratford  1863Surrey, England I4284
6 Edmunds, Annie Hart  Abt 1899Surrey, England I4649
7 Foster, Ann Elizabeth  5 Sep 1924Surrey, England I4656
8 Frith, Roy Godfrey  1898Surrey, England I1864
9 Gussin, Ellen Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1874Surrey, England I5993


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Aileen Peel  9 Oct 1988Surrey, England I6005
2 Atcherley, Ann  Bef 29 Aug 1843Surrey, England I422
3 Atcherley, Eleonora  Abt May 1866Surrey, England I398
4 Atcherley, Ellen Sarah  Abt Nov 1881Surrey, England I412
5 Atcherley, Captain James  30 Oct 1834Surrey, England I391
6 Atcherley, Phyllis  1998Surrey, England I760
7 Atcherley, Richard  1929Surrey, England I8
8 Bellville, Ada Elizabeth  12 Oct 1926Surrey, England I757
9 Budd, Irene Grace  Abt Jul 2007Surrey, England I188
10 Chumbley, Arthur Henry  Abt 1929Surrey, England I4058
11 Cobb, Mary Elizabeth  23 Mar 1903Surrey, England I4343
12 Dackombe, Aquila  1894Surrey, England I413
13 Dackombe, Daniel  Bef 3 Jan 1844Surrey, England I2023
14 Dennis, Ann  Abt 1924Surrey, England I1594
15 Dennis, Eleanora Sarah  1878Surrey, England I1595
16 Dennis, Frederick  Abt Nov 1881Surrey, England I1599
17 Dennis, Henry  1856Surrey, England I1593
18 Dennis, Henry  Bef 4 Jun 1878Surrey, England I403
19 Downes, Herbert Edward  8 Apr 1904Surrey, England I2822
20 du Moulin, Ann Compton  24 Feb 1893Surrey, England I753
21 Eardley, MIldred Nellie  Abt Jan 1987Surrey, England I5953
22 Germain, Prudence  1966Surrey, England I4425
23 Gummow, Caroline  1899Surrey, England I5053
24 Hilder, John George  Abt Feb 1878Surrey, England I410
25 Jones, Chetwynd Herbert  1941Surrey, England I1248
26 Lloyd, Edward John  1924Surrey, England I3132
27 Mather, Katharine Isabel  19 Feb 1942Surrey, England I2166
28 Nash, Maude Lester  13 Apr 1949Surrey, England I14
29 Nixon, Noreen Adele Clements  1987Surrey, England I2788
30 O'Neill, Albert Victor  1975Surrey, England I1624
31 Poole, Florence Bertha Rose  Abt 1958Surrey, England I759
32 Rodenhurst, Edith Mary  1939Surrey, England I4052
33 Rook, Mary Ann  1885Surrey, England I2024
34 Shipton, Azile Catherine Mary  20 Jun 1924Surrey, England I2835
35 Smalman-Smith, Conrad Baldwin  Abt 1957Surrey, England I3508
36 Taylor, Robert  18 Jul 1833Surrey, England I4373
37 Tilley, Elizabeth Atcherly  31 Mar 1964Surrey, England I1604
38 Woods, Hugh  3 Jul 1938Surrey, England I3684


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atcherley / Budd  Abt 1938Surrey, England F70
2 Breton / Le Court  1879Surrey, England F1819
3 Chumbley / Keable  Abt 1924Surrey, England F1276
4 Dickin / Stopford  18 Jul 1911Surrey, England F581
5 Lake / Anderson  1938Surrey, England F1937
6 Lay / Dickin  1951Surrey, England F1608
7 Owen / Morgan  Abt 1965Surrey, England F1549
8 Pullan / Anderson  1934Surrey, England F1936
9 Rees / Edmunds  1931Surrey, England F1611
10 Roberts / Poole  1904Surrey, England F1593