Francis Topping Atcherley and family

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The following photographs were taken in Montreal, Canada by William Notman in the 1860s. They form part of the McCord Museum’s collection of images and are available under a Creative Commons licence.

This photo depicts “Lt. Col. and Mrs. Atcherly, 30th Regiment” and was taken in 1863, not long after the couple’s marriage on June 4th of that year. Francis Topping Atcherley married Emma Arabella, second daughter of Francis Harris Heward and his wife Eliza (née Paul) of Toronto, in that city’s St George’s church. Original image.

“Mrs. Col. Atcherly” photographed in 1867. Although known as Emma Arabella Heward at the time of her marriage, the register of Christ Church, Montreal shows that she was baptised (on 3 May 1841) as Arabella Emma. Within four years of this picture being taken, Emma had died, aged just 29. Original image.

Although this photo, also dating from 1867, is apparently of “Master H. Atcherly” the little boy shown must actually be Francis and Emma’s first child, Francis Robinson Hartland Atcherley. Born on 8 Jan 1865 in Toronto, Frank would have been 2 years old when this photograph was taken. Original image.

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