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It would have been so much easier to generate a complete website automatically using one of my family tree programmes. But much less fun!

My aim is to present fairly basic, ‘bare bones’ family trees based on my current understanding of the relationships between the people within them. I do not claim that they will be 100% accurate, and they will be subject to modification as more data becomes available. They will also feature very little in the way of references or sources. What I am basically saying is that caution should be exercised if using these trees as source material. A good genealogist always cross-checks the conclusions of others with available records, preferably primary sources.

Over time I will be writing articles about the people and families in these trees which will certainly include details of the sources I have used. Links to the articles will appear by the people in the trees to whom those articles relate, and in turn the articles will link back to the trees. I also plan to add links between the trees here, and the material which will appear in the Resources section of the site.

The Atcherley family trees (and branches) I have prepared are as follows:

Richard Atcherley of Stanwardine and his descendants. Branches:

Thomas Atcherley of Marton and his descendants. In two parts, this tree continues with:

There is also a branch from this tree, Thomas Atcherley of Shropshire and his descendants. Sub-branches:

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