Female lines and families

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So far at Atcherley.org.uk I have concentrated on mapping out and describing the family history of those with the Atcherley surname (and its variants). However there are of course many descendants of the Atcherley family with other surnames: those descended from Atcherley women who acquired new names upon marriage.

Over time I will therefore be adding information relating to the female lines and families, starting today (7 May 2011) with the Dickin family tree.

Tracing the female lines that branched off from the Atcherley family tree is sometimes difficult. This is particularly so where those lines have a common surname, or where they branch off early in the family’s history, in time periods for which the availability of records is patchy. In many cases the fate of Atcherley women who married is completely unknown. For some it is has been possible to find out who their children were, and maybe also who their grandchildren were.

In other cases, several generations of descendants are known and the Atcherley family tree has some significant branches bearing surnames such as Benbow, Downes, Edwards, Jebb, Jones, Juckes, Mansell, Needham and Tilley.

Watch out over the coming months for information about these and other families descended from Atcherley women.

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