Thomas of Marton …

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… and his descendants

This tree starts with Thomas Atcherley of Marton, in the Shropshire parish of Middle (or Myddle), and traces his descendants down to the 1900s when the main line of this illustrious part of the Atcherley family became extinct. A number of female lines branched off from this lineage, but for the most part only one son of each generation perpetuated the Atcherley name by having one or more sons of his own. Two exceptions to this general rule occurred early on, when Thomas Atcherley’s son Richard established a branch of the family at Wem (which continued at Wrexham and then Ellesmere before it ended with the death of Edward Atcherley in 1829) and his illegitimate son, also named Thomas, established another branch at Wykey in Ruyton XI Towns (which continued at Twyford in West Felton, and then at Stanwardine and elsewhere).

I have split this tree into two parts. It continues with Richard of Marton.

Unless otherwise stated, all places below are in Shropshire, England and those places outside Shropshire are in England or Wales.

[Top] 1st generation

Thomas Atcherley, son of Richard Atcherley (of Stanwardine in the parish of Baschurch, a tanner), was likely born in the 1580s at Stanwardine. Lived at Marton in the parish of Middle and later at Wolverton in the parish of Wem. Buried 24 Feb 1657, at Wem.

Spouse 1: Elizabeth. No record of marriage found. Buried 15 Jun 1612 at Middle. Son:

Spouse 2: Jane Hinks. Baptised 20 Jul 1589 at Loppington. “Of Burlton” when she married Thomas Atcherley on 17 Nov 1612 at Middle. Buried 15 Apr 1627 at Middle. Children:

  • Eliza Atcherley. Baptised 9 Jun 1615 at Middle. Nothing further known.
  • Elizabeth Atcherley. Baptised 11 Oct 1618 at Middle. Married John Chetwood and had four children.
  • Mary Atcherley. Baptised 2 Feb 1622/3 at Middle. Married Roger Griffiths and had one son.
  • Richard Atcherley. Baptised 21 Aug 1625 at Middle. Branch 1 >>

Spouse 3: Daughter of “old Edge.” Son (born out of wedlock):

  • Thomas Atcherley (a.k.a. Thomas Atcherley Edge, and Thomas Atcherley alias Edge). Presumed to be the Thomas Atcherley baptised 5 Jan 1617/8 at Middle (the register names his parents as “Thomae Atcherley de Marton, tanner, et Janae”). Branch 2: Thomas of Shropshire >>

Spouse 4: Ann, “widow of Nicholas Gough of Wolverley” (or Ann Gough baptised 5 Apr 1590 at Loppington, daughter of Nicholas Gough?). Buried 29 Nov 1660 at Loppington. No children.

[Top] 2nd generation

Thomas Atcherley. Baptised 31 Dec 1609 at Middle. Of Marton. Buried 6 Aug 1681 at Middle. ^Parents

Spouse: Elinor Griffiths. Married 14 Jul 1642 at Shrewsbury. Children (birth dates from Boyd’s Family Units 1209-1948):

  • Ann Atcherley. Born 31 Jul 1643. Married Owen Clutton of Cheshire on 14 Jul 1665 at Shrewsbury and had issue. Remarried after his death.
  • Sarah Atcherley. Born 6 Sep 1645. Buried 4 Sep 1664 at Middle.
  • Thomas Atcherley. Born 14 Feb 1646/7. Baptised 28 Feb 1646/7 at Middle. Will dated 6 Dec 1672. Likely died soon afterwards.
  • Andrew Atcherley. Born 7 Apr 1649. 3rd generation >>
  • Elinor Atcherley. Born 16 Nov 1650. Married Nathaniel Kynaston on 29 Jan 1674/5 at Middle. After the death of Nathaniel (he was buried 26 Jul 1678 at Llansanffraid-ym-Mechain, Montgomeryshire) Elinor married Griffith Lloyd, vicar of Llansanffraid-ym-Mechain, who was buried in that parish on 23 Jul 1696 having named Elinor as his residual legatee and executrix in his will of 27 May 1696.
  • Richard Atcherley. Born 2 Oct 1652. Married Margaret Hill on 17 Jun 1680 at Hodnet. Died 1682 and buried 29 Dec 1682 at Middle, leaving a posthumous child, Margaret Atcherley (born 4 Jun 1683, baptised 12 Jun 1683 at Hodnet) who married Robert Lowndes of Winslow, Buckinghamshire. Richard’s widow Margaret married Thomas Harwood, probably abt 1668.
  • Jane Atcherley. Born 19 Mar 1653/4. Married Thomas Cole of Shrewsbury on 10 Jan 1681/2 at Middle. This couple had no children.
  • Mary Atcherley. Born 29 Sep 1657. Married Charles Chambre on 24 Jul 1683 at Middle and had four children. Buried 11 Mar 1701/2 at Loppington.

[Top] 3rd generation

Andrew Atcherley. Born 7 Apr 1649. Of Forden, Montgomeryshire (inherited the Marton estate). Will dated 3 Feb 1709. Buried 9 Feb 1709/10 at Forden. ^Parents

Spouse: Jane Lloyd. Baptised 14 Oct 1648 at Forden, Montgomeryshire. Married there 19 Nov 1670 and buried there 9 Aug 1720. Children (all baptised at Forden, Montgomeryshire):

  • Thomas Atcherley. Baptised 8 or 31 Aug 1671 at Forden. Buried there, aged about 20, on 20 Mar 1692.
  • Sarah Atcherley. Baptised 24 Aug 1673 at Forden. Nothing further known.
  • Jane Atcherley. Baptised 13 Feb 1675 at Forden. Nothing further known.
  • Elinor Atcherley. Baptised 7 Jun 1677 at Forden. Buried there 16 Apr 1693, aged about 15.
  • Isaak Atcherley. Buried 24 Sep 1678 at Forden.
  • Jacob Atcherley. Buried 24 Sep 1678 at Forden. Isaak and Jacob may have been twins who died in infancy before they could be baptised.
  • Richard Atcherley. Baptised 1 Oct 1679 at Forden. 4th generation >>
  • Mary Atcherley. Baptised 17 Apr 1681 at Forden. Nothing further known.
  • Roger Atcherley. Baptised 13 Jan 1682/3 at Forden. Buried there 23 Aug 1686, aged about 3.
  • Anne Atcherley. Baptised 16 Feb 1683/4 at Forden. Nothing further known.
  • Andrew Atcherley. Baptised 8 May 1686 at Forden. “Of Kilkewydd” (now Cilcewydd) in the parish of Forden. Buried 2 Oct 1730 at Forden.
  • Elizabeth Atcherley. Baptised 19 Sep 1688 at Forden. Nothing further known.
  • Frances Atcherley. Baptised 9 Nov 1689 at Forden. Married Griffith Griffiths there on 13 Feb 1708/9. The couple had a daughter, Hannah Griffiths, who was baptised on 20 Jul 1710 at Welshpool, Montgomeryshire and who married John Dickin there after a marriage settlement was agreed on 30 Jul 1733.

[Top] 4th generation

Richard Atcherley. Baptised 1 Oct 1679 at Forden, Montgomeryshire. Later of Marton. Died 11 May 1750. Buried 15 May 1750 at Middle. ^Parents

Spouse: Elizabeth Lloyd. Baptised 21 Jul 1681 at Albrighton in the parish of Pimhill. Married 28 Jan 1702 at Battlefield. Died 24 Jul 1755. Buried 28 Jul 1755 at Middle. Children:

  • Thomas Atcherley. Baptised 6 Apr 1704 at Middle. 5th generation. >>
  • Richard Atcherley. Baptised 30 Oct 1705 at Middle. Lived at Wem. Died 12 Apr 1766. Buried 16 Apr 1766 at Middle.

[Top] 5th generation

Thomas Atcherley. Baptised 6 Apr 1704 at Middle. Lived in Loppington parish. Died before his father and was buried 29 Dec 1738 at Middle, aged about 34. ^Parents

Spouse: Dorothy Whitney. Baptised 18 Apr 1704 at Wilmslow, Cheshire. Married 4 Jul 1722 at Acton, Cheshire. Buried 29 May 1792 at Middle. Children:

  • Thomas Atcherley. Baptised 25 May 1723 at Wrenbury, Cheshire. Died aged about 20 and buried 27 Jul 1743 at Middle.
  • Jane Atcherley. Baptism record not found. Buried 16 Mar 1738/9 at Middle.
  • Elizabeth Atcherley. Baptised 3 Jun 1726 at Loppington. Married Richard Palin (grandson of Richard Gough) 2 Feb 1748/9 at Middle. The couple had one son, also named Richard, before Richard senior died (he was buried 26 Jan 1751 at Baschurch). Elizabeth then married Richard Chambre, probably about 1752; no children are known from this marriage. Elizabeth was buried 3 Nov 1788 at Wem.
  • Dorothy Atcherley. Baptised 16 Sep 1727 at Loppington. Was of Wem when she died. Buried 17 Apr 1788 at Middle.
  • Richard Atcherley. Baptised 28 Aug 1729 at Loppington and was buried there less than a month later on 17 Sep 1729.
  • Robert Atcherley. Baptised 8 Jan 1730/1 at Loppington. Married Elizabeth Crump on 14 Dec 1755 at Alberbury. The couple had no children. Robert died 1758 and was buried 13 Sep 1758 at Middle. Elizabeth his widow then married Francis Lomax on 20 Sep 1773 at Shrewsbury. Elizabeth died, and was buried at Shrewsbury, in 1780.
  • Richard Atcherley. Baptised 24 Feb 1731/2 at Loppington. Richard of Marton >>
  • Hugh Atcherley. Baptised 14 Sep 1733 at Loppington and was buried there a little under six months later on 5 Mar 1733/4.
  • John Atcherley. Baptised 15 Mar 1734/5 at Loppington and was buried there 10 days later on 25 Mar 1735.
  • Thomasin Atcherley. Baptised Jun 1736 at Middle and was buried there 24 Apr 1739, aged about 3.

[Top] Branch 1: 1st generation

Richard Atcherley. Baptised 21 Aug 1625 at Middle. Buried 6 Apr 1672 at Wem. ^Parents

Spouse: Susanna Brookes. Likely born around 1625 in Cheshire. May have married there around 1650. Buried 14 Dec 1714 at Wrexham, Denbighshire. Children:

  • Susanna Atcherley. Baptised 10 Aug 1651 at Whitchurch. Married Hugh Wickstead on 20 Jul 1676 at Wem. The couple had seven children, all baptised at Whitchurch.
  • Ann Atcherley. Likely born around 1653 in Shropshire. Married Joseph Goldsborough on 1 Jan 1674 at Wem. The couple had a daughter, Debora Goldsborough, who was baptised at Wem on 23 May 1678. Joseph was buried 2 Jan 1685 at Wem, and Susanna was buried there 6 May 1687.
  • Thomas Atcherley. Born 18 Nov 1656 at Wem, and baptised there 16 Dec 1656. Likely died in infancy. Nothing further known.
  • Mary Atcherley. Likely born around 1659 in Shropshire (no baptism found, but mentioned in her father’s will). May be the Mary Acherley who married Charles Poole at Wem on 24 Aug 1686, and may have then lived with him in Cheshire.
  • Eleanor Atcherley. Likely born around 1662 in Shropshire (no baptism found, but mentioned in her father’s will). May be the “Elener Atckerley” (FamilySearch transcription) who married John Langford at Ellesmere on 4 May 1692.
  • Sara Atcherley. Baptised 3 Jun 1664 at Wem. Buried 29 Jan 1667/8 at Wem.
  • Richard Atcherley. Baptised 11 Jun 1667 at Wem. Married Ann Mainwaring 1689. Buried 16 Aug 1723 at Loppington. His widow Ann died Sep 1741. The couple had no children.
  • Thomas Atcherley. Baptised 14 Jul 1672 at Wem. 2nd generation >>

[Top] Branch 1: 2nd generation

Thomas Atcherley. Baptised 14 Jul 1672 at Wem. An ironmonger who lived at Wrexham, Denbighshire and later at Ellesmere. Buried 21 Jun 1741 at Ellesmere. ^Parents

Spouse: Mary Atcherley. Baptised 5 Mar 1671/2 at Baschurch, daughter of John Atcherley. and his second wife Mary Spendlove. Probably married around 1700 but no record this event has been found. Buried 19 Aug 1747 at Ellesmere. Children:

  • Richard Atcherley. Probably born at Wrexham, Denbighshire, or possibly at Stanwardine in Baschurch. Baptised 12 Aug 1701 at Baschurch. Died 1753.
  • Martha Atcherley. Probably born at Wrexham, Denbighshire. Baptised 9 Aug 1703 at Baschurch. Buried 30 Apr 1712 at Wrexham, Denbighshire.
  • Mary Atcherley. Probably born at Wrexham, Denbighshire. Baptised 24 Apr 1706 at Baschurch. Married Roger Kynaston on 4 Jun 1737 at Dudleston. The couple had two daughters, baptised at Ellesmere.
  • Roger Atcherley. Born 2 Oct 1712 at Wrexham, Denbighshire and baptised there 1 Nov 1712. 3rd generation >>
  • Elizabeth Atcherley. Born 2 Jul 1715 at Wrexham, Denbighshire and baptised there 22 Jul 1715. Northing further known.

[Top] Branch 1: 3rd generation

Roger Atcherley. Born 2 Oct 1712 at Wrexham, Denbighshire and baptised there 1 Nov 1712. Died 1784, likely in Shropshire.^Parents

Spouse: Dorothy Spencer. Baptised 18 May 1716 at Ellesmere. Married about 20 Aug 1746 at Welshampton. Children:

  • Ann Atcherley. Baptised 24 Jul 1750 at Ellesmere. Married Francis Lloyd there on 19 Jun 1783. The couple had three daughters, born at Whittington and Wem. Francis died about 1830, and Ann died 26 Jun 1838.
  • Sarah Atcherley. Baptised 5 Mar 1752 at Ellesmere. Married Thomas Dickin there on 27 Apr 1775. The couple had seven children, all at Wem. Their granddaughter Jane Louisa Dickin married Francis Topping Atcherley.
  • Elizabeth Atcherley. Baptised 1 Mar 1754 at Ellesmere. Married John Phillips there on 4 Jun 1789. The couple had a son, born at Pontesbury.
  • Edward Atcherley. Baptised 16 Sep 1756 at Ellesmere. Died 13 Feb 1829. Buried 20 Feb 1829 at Ellesmere.

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