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New articles or stories added to Atcherley.org.uk are easy to spot as they are automatically listed in the right-hand margin under Recent Posts. But new pages (in the Resources, Trees and Pictures sections of the site), and updates to previously posted articles or stories, are not automatically highlighted. Hence this page, which will detail, and link to, new and updated content.

What’s new in 2015

March. On 8 March, for International Women’s Day, I updated The Art and Soul of Ethel Atcherley with additional information, and images.

Also in March, photos of Jack Rowland’s memorial plaque and of Louie and Stephen Stanley Atcherley’s gravestone were added to the Photos page MIs in Australasia.

February. The following Tree pages have been reviewed and updated in February 2015:

Thomas Atcherley of Twyford
Richard Atcherley of Weston

William Atcherley of Shrewsbury
Edward Atcherley of Wolverhampton

January. On 1 January 2015 I added a new photo of Richard Atcherley to the Photos page for Richard (“Batchy”) and David Atcherley. The picture shows him on his arrival at New York in 1934.

The following Tree pages were reviewed and updated during January:

John Atcherley of Waters Upton
Henry Atcherley of Kinnersley
Thomas Atcherley of Marton
Richard Atcherley of Marton

Contributions of information or images relating to the Atcherley family and their descendants are always welcome and can be sent via the email address on my Guild of One Name Studies profile page.

News of updates to this website, and other snippets of Atcherley information and genealogy news are posted to the Atcherley.org.uk page at Facebook – do please ‘Like’ the page to keep in touch with developments.

Updates to stories and articles in 2014

On 20 September 2014 I completely rewrote the article about Llewellyn Atcherley’s World War One. The original article, written rather hurriedly in November 2011, has been expanded with much more information, several photos and lots of references.

On 3 August 2014 I renamed all the stories in the ‘Remembrance’ series of articles which I posted in the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday of 2011 (but left the web addresses or URLs unchanged to prevent ‘broken links’). I also created a new World War 1 page which links to all of the existing WW1-related stories, and to which I will add links to future stories relating to the Great War as they are added.

On 4 July 2014 I updated the story I first wrote on 4 July 2011: John Atcherley and American Independence. Since this story first appeared, John’s links with the rest of his Atcherley family (originally based solely on his appearance in his father’s will) have been strengthened by the discovery of his baptism. I have also found that he had three children, not two. His links with the events leading up to American Independence however remain as tenuous as ever!

Updates to Trees

Thorough overhauls of four of the 12 Trees pages were completed in 2014:

Richard of Stanwardine

Richard of Edgerley

Roger of Shrewsbury

Samuel of High Ercall

Updated and new Photos pages

On 17 September 2014 I added a new page to the Photos section of the website for Llewellyn William Atcherley featuring a wonderful photo taken at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York in 1922, when Llewellyn was attending the first International Police Conference.

The following pages, featuring People or Monumental Inscriptions (MIs), were added or updated earlier in 2014:

Francis Topping Atcherley and family (“A Song, Written on the Occasion of the Marriage of Lieut.-Col. Atcherley” has been added)

Richard (“Batchy”) and David Atcherley (several new photos have been added, thanks to Getty Images and the Oundle School Archives)

Dr John Atcherley of Hawaii and his family (a new page with some wonderful photos of members of this branch of the Atcherley family, kindly made available by several people)

Staffordshire MIs (a new page featuring pictures supplied by Margaret Stead)

Lancashire MIs (now includes a photo from Manchester General Cemetery, from Barbara Lang)

London MIs (a new page with a photo by Martin Atcherley)

MIs in Africa (a new page with photos by Eleanor Garvie from the Gravestone Photographic Library of the eGGSA website)

MIs in Australasia (yet another new page, this one featuring a photo from SueM, a contributor to Find A Grave)

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