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Featured photo

Late last year (2018) I was staggered to learn that I had won a competition on Twitter run by photo restorer and colourist @DSouza_Claudia (Claudia D’Souza a.k.a The Photo Alchemist). The prize was to have a head-and-shoulders WW1 portrait of my choice colourised. The brilliant result can be seen above – for the original sepia picture, see the Photo page for Charles Hedley Atcherley.

For more information about the work that Claudia does, with examples and details of how to request a quote for one or more of your own photographs to be restored and/or colourised, check out the photo Alchemist website.

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Latest story

After a rather long gap (sorry about that!), the latest story to be added to the site is A Ruby Anniversary and an Award of Excellence. In this article I talk about the 40th anniversary of the Guild of One-Name Studies, its recent conference, and the Award of Excellence made to a certain website…

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New here?

Welcome! First of all, I recommend you learn more about this site. Then, you can search for your Atcherley ancestors in the Atcherley Family Tree. Or why not check out the virtual Atcherley family albums in the Pictures section of the website? You can also read the stories of Atcherley family members, both ordinary and extraordinary, from the 1600s to the 1900s: for a full list of over 200 articles and stories see Contents – Stories and Articles. You can also choose stories to read based on the topic(s) they cover, using the new Topic index.

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From the Atcherley.org.uk archives

I particularly enjoy writing Atcherley stories in which I can quote the subjects’ own words, so here are a few examples.

The Rev John Atcherley and his naval chaplaincy is the first instalment of my four-part story of this Atcherley clergyman’s life and times. John himself is not quoted until the very end of his story’s opening, but we hear much from him in the next two parts!

Christiana Atcherley, née Shairp, wife of Captain James Atcherley, was a sister-in-law of the above-mentioned Rev John through her marriage to Captain James Atcherley – a marriage she came to regret. Find out more in Christiana Atcherley in her own words, a three-part story.

A series of letters written to his local newspaper back home gives us a personal insight into James Roger Atcherley’s American Civil War in the 1860s. This is a four-part story.

Finally, in another Atcherley’s account of her experiences in a much more recent conflict, we learn about Kathleen Atcherley’s World War Two.

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