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Featured photo

My featured photo for December is of a Christmas card, sent in December 1925 by Dr John (Jack) Atcherley of Hawaii to his brother-in-law William (Bill) Patterson in Canada – my thanks to Barbara Lang for sharing this. John and his family feature on several of this website’s pages, including one in the Pictures section: Dr John Atcherley of Hawaii and his family.  William, an Irishman, married John’s sister Lucy Atcherley in Manchester in 1875. He, Lucy and all but one of their surviving children (two died in infancy) migrated to Canada in the first decade of the 1900s, with the remaining daughter following  not long afterwards.

As you can see from the card above, the Atcherleys and the Pattersons kept in contact, even after the death of Lucy in 1924. I will have more to say about the Pattersons – and pictures of them to show – in the very near future, so watch this space!

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New here?

Welcome! First of all, I recommend you learn more about this site. Then, you can search for your Atcherley ancestors in the new Atcherley Family Tree. Or why not check out the virtual Atcherley family albums in the Pictures section of the website? You can also read the stories of Atcherley family members, both ordinary and extraordinary, from the 1600s to the 1900s: for a full list of 170 articles and stories see Contents – Stories and Articles.

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Recent discoveries

I have made many discoveries about the lives and deaths of Atcherley family members recently, from a large number of newly-acquired birth and, in particular, death certificates. Strictly speaking, these records are not certificates – they are uncertified copies of entries in the England & Wales General Register Office’s registers of births and deaths. They are in PDF format, cost £6 each (instead of the £9.25 charged for a certificate), and are currently being supplied by the GRO for a trial period (which I am making the most of!).

My morbid curiosity means that I’m looking forward to analysing all the information in the new ‘certificates’. What were the causes of death for infant, young, adult and elderly Atcherleys? At what ages did they die, and how did this change over time? Who were the informants, who registered the deaths, and how were they related to the deceased Atcherleys? My favourite so far is a “half sister in law”! In the meantime, I have added images of nearly all of my certificates to my Atcherley Flickr photostream, with transcripts, to make the information they contain available to all. (Note that those which I have placed online do not include any living people.)

If you have any Atcherley birth, marriage or death certificates, and would happy to share copies to expand my online (or offline) collection for the benefit of all with an interest in the family, do please get in touch!

For more updates and news on my Atcherley family history research, please Like and Follow my Atcherley.org.uk Facebook page.

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Events in December – past and present

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