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Featured photo

Late last year (2018) I was staggered to learn that I had won a competition on Twitter run by photo restorer and colourist @DSouza_Claudia (Claudia D’Souza a.k.a The Photo Alchemist). The prize was to have a head-and-shoulders WW1 portrait of my choice colourised. The brilliant result can be seen above – for the original sepia picture, see the Photo page for Charles Hedley Atcherley.

For more information about the work that Claudia does, with examples and details of how to request a quote for one or more of your own photographs to be restored and/or colourised, check out the photo Alchemist website.

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Latest stories

There are now more than 200 stories and articles on this website (in addition to 100+ ‘pages’). The latest addition, and the first for 2019, is the first instalment of 52 Atcherleys, featuring John Atcherley and Elizabeth, née Meadows.  52 Atcherleys is my version of the popular 52 Ancestors blogging challenge, and my hope is that over the course of 2019 I will add a series of stories featuring, in total, 52 Atcherleys who have not been featured (or who have received only a passing mention) in the stories already online here.

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New here?

Welcome! First of all, I recommend you learn more about this site. Then, you can search for your Atcherley ancestors in the Atcherley Family Tree. Or why not check out the virtual Atcherley family albums in the Pictures section of the website? You can also read the stories of Atcherley family members, both ordinary and extraordinary, from the 1600s to the 1900s: for a full list of over 200 articles and stories see Contents – Stories and Articles. You can also choose stories to read based on the topic(s) they cover, using the new Topic index.

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From the Atcherley.org.uk archives

January 25th 2019 is the eighth anniversary (or blogiversary) of the launch of the Atcherley family history website, which launched in 2011 with a short article entitled A good old Shropshire name. That article was followed three days later by An Atcherley at Trafalgar, a story featuring Captain James Atcherley of the Royal Marines and his role in that decisive sea battle (pictured below; see the story for the picture credit).

Battle of Trafalgar

Born on 5 December 1898, Lucy Eleanor Louisa Atcherley was baptised on 1 January the following year. She grew up to grab headlines with her stage performances – and also made up for the lack of marriages by her twin brothers Richard and David by getting hitched no less than 4 times! Read her story in Lucy Eleanor Louisa Atcherley: Her life and loves in the spotlight.

On the subject of Atcherley marriages, the wedding of my grandparents Fred Atcherley and Louisa Hall took place on 5 January 1935. Take a look at a page full of photos of Fred and Louisa (including two from their big day), along with pictures of their daughter Betty (my late mother, who was born on 6 January 1937), here: Fred, Louisa and Betty Atcherley.

Finally, an Atcherley death. Samuel Lawrence Atcherley passed away on 16 January last year at the age of 85. The story of Sam’s younger days, including his recollections of witnessing the attack on Pearl Harbour in World War 2, is the subject of Samuel Lawrence Atcherley Junior’s Hawaiian school days.

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