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Latest stories

New to the website is The Atcherley family of Edgerley in Kinnerley – Part 2 which follows on from and concludes the previous article posted, Part 1. This two-part article looks at the less than certain origins of a particular branch of the Atcherley family tree.

Prior to the two-parter above An Atcherley family’s English Civil War – Part 1 was the 200th post to be added to this site. It looks at the impact of this turbulent time in English history on John Atcherley and his family in Shrewsbury.

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New here?

Welcome! First of all, I recommend you learn more about this site. Then, you can search for your Atcherley ancestors in the Atcherley Family Tree. Or why not check out the virtual Atcherley family albums in the Pictures section of the website? You can also read the stories of Atcherley family members, both ordinary and extraordinary, from the 1600s to the 1900s: for a full list of over 200 articles and stories see Contents – Stories and Articles. You can also choose stories to read based on the topic(s) they cover, using the new Topic index.

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Featured photo

My latest ‘featured photo’ shows two recent additions to my Atcherley Archive: a pair of pewter tankards inscribed with the name of Squadron Leader David Francis William Atcherley and dated 1938, gifts from the Public Schools (Air) Cadet Wing which had been established by David’s twin brother and fellow RAF officer Richard (a.k.a. Batchy).

Details of the tankards have been added to the Atcherley Archive page, along with information about all the other accessions to the archive since the page was first created.

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From the Atcherley.org.uk archives

As always at this time of year, I’m going to direct you to my two-part article Atcherleys of Christmas past.

Baptised on 4 December 1864 was Samuel Atcherley. Born to one of the poorer Atcherley families, Sam received a rather unusual education which helped him to develop his artistic talents and pursue a novel career in adult life. Find out more in Art/work: Samuel Atcherley and the designs for his future.

The 18th of December in 1887 marked the death of Edward Richard Atcherley, a significant person in the Atcherley family tree as he started a new branch of the family at Swindon in Wiltshire. The first child born to Edward and his wife Elizabeth (née Weeks) was Edward John Atcherley, born at Swindon in October 1867 but baptised at Wolverhampton on Christmas Day that year. The story of this Swindonian family is told in Edward Richard Atcherley: A new start in New Swindon.

Finally, a Christmas day marriage. Ann Atcherley, a daughter of Captain James Atcherley and Sarah Perkins, got hitched to Henry Dennis on 25 December 1838. Ann’s married life is compared with the rather more complicated one led by her sister Eleonora in The marital histories of Ann and Eleonora Atcherley.

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