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From the Atcherley.org.uk archives

Wills, and the inventories which sometimes accompanied them, form the foundation for several Atcherley stories. Here’s a selection:

Samuel Atcherley’s true and perfect inventory, in three parts, explores the farmhouse of Samuel Atcherley of Sowbath in Shropshire with the aid of a room-by-room inventory completed just after his death in 1731. Writing this story involved a lot of research, as I endeavoured to find out what some of the strange-sounding objects listed were, and what they were used for!

Another Atcherley with an illuminating inventory was Richard Atcherley, yeoman farmer of Wolverley, who died in 1672 (about 70 years before the above-mentioned Samuel).

A legal dispute over the will of Andrew du Moulin, the father of Dr Rowland Atcherley’s wife Ann, features in The widowed Ann Atcherley and matters pecuniary. This story is set in the mid-1800s, and the legal dispute went all the way up to England’s highest court of equity, the High Court of Chancery in Westminster (pictured right; see story for picture credit).

Finally, a story with a title which make’s its subject (Roger Atcherley of Frankwell, Shrewsbury, who died in 1755) sound like a real miser – but was he? To find out, read Roger Atcherley and his one shilling legacies.

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