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Featured photo

The subjects of April’s featured photo are William Clive Atcherley and his wife Winifred Mary (née Randle). I discovered the photo during a recent search of all records at Ancestry, which tends to show user-submitted photos first. Contact with the owner of the picture, Sean McGrath, soon secured permission to use the image on this website. You can now see the above photo (a digital enhancement of the original), with two enlarged crops showing the two subjects in more detail, on a new page in the Pictures section of this site: William Clive Atcherley and Winifred. That page also links to a story which is also illustrated with this new picture, in which you can read about William Clive Atcherley’s World War One.

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New here?

Welcome! First of all, I recommend you learn more about this site. Then, you can search for your Atcherley ancestors in the new Atcherley Family Tree. Or why not check out the virtual Atcherley family albums in the Pictures section of the website? You can also read the stories of Atcherley family members, both ordinary and extraordinary, from the 1600s to the 1900s: for a full list of over 150 articles and stories see Contents – Stories and Articles.

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Recent discoveries – April

I recently revisited the Newspapers.com website (to which I subscribe) to look for any Atcherley articles which had been added since my previous visit. I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of additional content, with many Hawaiian newspapers carrying reports and notices relating the Atcherleys who lived there in the early-mid 1900s. One of the features I like at Newspapers.com is the facility to save ‘clippings’ of articles of interest, and to make these available for others to see. You can take a look at the Atcherley-related news items I have saved in this way at my Newspapers.com clippings page. The sample clipping included here is from  the Honolulu Star-Bulletin of 8 February 1926.

Update: Since writing the above I have upgraded my Newspapers.com subscription and can access even more newspapers. These include lost more from Hawaii, with many more reports about (or including) members of the Atcherley family. My clippings page (link above) has therefore grown further!

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Events in April – past and present

Here in the UK, the biggest event in the family historians’ calendar – Who Do You Think You Are? Live, takes place this month (from 6 to 8 April 2017 to be precise). I have booked tickets for all three days and hope to make the most of this gigantic genealogical gathering. My report on last year’s show, in two parts, begins with Who Do You Think You Are? Live: 2016 (Part 1).

Update: My report on this year’s show is now online: Who Do You Think You Are? Live – 2017.

A significant event in the family history of the Atcherleys was the birth, at West Felton in Shropshire, of John Atcherley, who was baptised in that parish on 6 April 1693. At the time of John’s marriage in 1721, the Atcherley family no longer had a presence at its former Shropshire strongold, Stanwardine in the Fields. John however brought about The rebirth of the Atcherleys of Stanwardine.

15 April 1895 was the date on which Hester Mary Eleanor Atcherley was welcomed into the world. With her older sister Mary Elizabeth Hope Atcherley (known as Hope), Hester attended the Queen’s School in Chester. Thanks to the school’s annual magazine, Have Mynd, I have been able to tell the story of Hope and Hester Atcherley’s school days.

Among the Atcherley marriages to take place in Aprils past was that of Eleonora Atcherley and Robert Meares on 15 April 1852. But was Eleonora really a widow as she stated at the time? This was Eleonora’s third wedding, but it is unclear whether any of her nuptials were legally valid. To learn more, see The marital histories of Ann and Eleonora Atcherley.

16 April 1929 saw not an Atcherley marriage, but a divorce. Lucy Eleanor Louisa Atcherley’s third marriage, to Frederick Layard Reeves, ended with the grant of a decree nisi on the grounds of “the adultery of [Lucy’s] husband”. Lucy Eleanor Louisa Atcherley: Her life and loves in the spotlight tells the story of Lucy’s private life, and her stage career.

Finally, an Atcherley death. Roger Acherley (as his surname was usually written) passed away “in an advanc’d Age, at his House in Greenwich” on 16 April 1740. A barrister, Roger spent much oif life fighting legal battles for others – and also one of his own. This particular case was one that he lost. His financial investments also came unstuck, and his publications on Britain’s constitution and monarchy eventually meant that he fell out of favour with the establishment. Roger’s tale is told in one of my earlier Atcherley stories, The constitution, the monarchy, and Counsellor Roger Acherley.

(Pic: WDYTYA Live 2016 – Photo by the author.)

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