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An Atcherley at Trafalgar

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When Captain James Atcherley [] of the Royal Marines set off from the Conqueror to take possession of a stricken enemy vessel during the Battle of Trafalgar, he could not have anticipated what awaited him aboard that ship. Amidst harrowing scenes and death and destruction, he came face to face with the commander-in-chief of the combined Franco-Spanish fleet, Admiral Pierre Villeneuve…. Read more »

A good old Shropshire name

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As I mentioned on this site’s Welcome page, Atcherley has been described as a “good old Shropshire name.” But exactly where and when did the name in fact originate? According to the Internet Surname Database [1], Atcherley is likely to be one of several thousand surnames thought to originate from “lost villages” or settlements which no longer exist. This is… Read more »