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Census and sensibility

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“Everybody should be included in the census – all people, households and overnight visitors. It is used to help plan and fund services for your community – services like transport, education and health. Please complete your census questionnaire on 27 March 2011, or as soon as possible afterwards.” Source: 2011 census questionnaire. Family historians do not need to be told… Read more »

The marital mystery of Sarah Atcherley

In All Saints churchyard in Baschurch, Shropshire there lies a memorial stone dedicated to Robert Atcherley Edwards and his wife Sarah, eldest daughter of John Atcherley, gentleman of Stanwardine. I found baptism records for these two without any problems: both were Christened at Baschurch, Sarah Atcherley on 21 March 1798 [1]. Tracing a record of their marriage on the other… Read more »

Kate’s fate: Kate Atcherley and her family’s story

Kate Atcherley was one of four children born to Henry Oliver Atcherley and his wife Emma. My Atcherley research had revealed details of the lives and deaths of all the other members of this family, but Kate had seemingly disappeared without trace after the 1891 census. Until this week that is. Thanks to, Kate’s fate has finally been revealed… Read more »

Lost in transcription

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Abcherley. Etcherley. Alcharley. Otcherley. Atsbutey. Staterley. Atckeriny. McKerley. Atchuley. Wehlrsay. All of these are transcriptions of the surname Atcherley. Source: various online genealogy record sets. Parish registers, census schedules, passenger lists, indexes of birth, marriages and deaths. These and many other sources contain records which are vital for building family trees and for learning about the lives of the people… Read more »

An Atcherley in Germany

Elizabeth Atcherley lived a remarkable life. She married a Prussian Count and became Countess Elizabeth Krockow von Wickerode. She also developed intimate friendships with some very notable people – a German baroness who travelled Europe promoting kindergartens, a leading German novelist, a brilliant Polish pianist, the mistress (and later wife) of a famous composer of operas, and the great composer himself, Richard… Read more »

An Atcherley Bibliography

Updated for World Book Day, 3 March 2016 We hear that Yesterday Roger Acherley, Esq; Author of the Book, call’d, The Britannic Constitution, presented the same to his Majesty ; which his Majesty received very graciously. – Daily Journal, 15 Feb 1727. Since Roger Atcherley (or Acherley as his surname was usually written) presented a copy of The Britannic Constitution… Read more »