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The Art and Soul of Ethel Atcherley

Updated for International Women’s day on 8 March 2015. Further update with photo of ‘Warkworth Castle’ added 5 June 2015. Miss Ethel Atcherley was one of the most gifted of the brilliant circle of Manchester artists. She studied painting and modelling at the School of Art, in London and in Paris. She was a frequent exhibitor at the Paris Salon, at… Read more »

An Atcherley at the Crimea – Part 1

The Russians advanced in three columns of 1500 men each … but our pickets behaved admirably … firing through the intervals with such regularity and precision that the Russians were loth to advance any but skirmishers; and two hours were spent before the grand attack came on. There is no record, I believe, of pickets, amounting in all to five… Read more »

Mr Sergeant Atcherley and a sentence of death

The jury retired, and soon after ten o’clock came into Court and pronounced a verdict of Guilty.  Mr. Sergeant Atcherley then passed sentence of death on the prisoner, who heard it with perfect calmness, and merely said, ‘My Lord, I am as innocent of the crime as you are.’ – Cork Examiner, 9 Aug 1844. [1] David Francis Atcherley, Sergeant at… Read more »