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Lucy Eleanor Louisa Atcherley: Her life and loves in the spotlight

Lucy Atcherley was part of a family whose men took centre stage. At the time of her birth around the beginning of 1899, her father Llewellyn was a Captain in the Army Service Corps, but his military service and his services to policing would see him elevated and decorated so that by the end of 1925 he was Major-General Sir… Read more »

Kathleen Atcherley’s World War Two

Kathleen Mary Atcherley was in her fortieth year when the Second World War broke out in September 1939. A daughter of Roger Atcherley, who left effects valued at nearly £4,000 when he passed away in 1936, Kathleen would have been reasonably well off, with plenty of leisure time to pursue her twin passions of gardening and golf. Kathleen was not… Read more »

Henry Atcherley’s school days

eBay may not seem an obvious website for genealogists to use, but lurking within the multitude of items it has to offer there are some fabulous family history finds to be made. And while the fabulousness of old receipts might not be immediately apparent, the two I acquired through eBay in 2013 date back to the 1860s – and help… Read more »