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John Atcherley, draper of Shrewsbury

In 1627 John Atcherley of Stanwardine in the Fields was apprenticed to a draper in the nearby town of Shrewsbury. There, as an aspiring merchant, he would establish connections with members of the Kynaston family. Some would became business partners or associates – and one would become a partner in marriage. This is the story of the early part of… Read more »

Muriel Hope Atcherley: In and Out of Africa – Part 2

< Back to Muriel Hope Atcherley: In and Out of Africa – Part 1 Lions and leopards lurked in the undergrowth, and lions actually killed and carried off Dr. Hemsted’s horse from the stable near the house. Two lions were later shot on what is now the front lawn. According to the article from which the above quote is taken, Dr… Read more »

Muriel Hope Atcherley: In and Out of Africa – Part 1

HEMSTED, Mrs., of Marton Hall, Shropshire; of Cymmau Hall, Flintshire; and of The Ffrith, Denbighshire. Muriel Hope, eldest dau. of Francis Robinson Hartland Atcherley, Esq., of Marton Hall […] m. 1911 Henry Hemsted, Esq., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., temp. Major R. Army Medical Corps, and has a dau., Elizabeth Gay Atcherley.—H.M.’s Hospital Ship ‘Ebani,’ Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. The above extract from the… Read more »

A tragic fatality: the deaths of May and Amy Atcherley

The high rates of infant mortality in days gone by mean that most if not all family trees include a great number of children who died when they were very young. Many premature deaths were the result of infections or diseases which were poorly understood and which could neither be prevented nor cured effectively. Other young lives were cut short… Read more »

The six sons of Sarah Atcherley

Following Sarah Atcherley’s life through her appearances in census records reveals a story which is fairly typical for a girl born into a family of farm labourers in the mid-1800s. After leaving school she went into service, later met and married a young man who worked as a servant in the same household,  and with her husband had four children. … Read more »