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Royalty in Vancouver: Victoria Elizabeth Kaiulani Atcherley

Finding information about Atcherley family members at the very beginning of their lives, beyond basic birth and baptism records, is, for me, a rarity. This makes the exceptions stand out – and the information I have found regarding the early months in the life of Victoria Elizabeth Kaiulani Atcherley really is exceptional! Victoria was the youngest child of Dr John… Read more »

An Atcherley in Albertland – Part 1

It was the afternoon of Saturday, 11 January 1896. Mary Ann Perkins (nee Atcherley), some of her children and a few family friends were returning from an enjoyable day-trip to an island in the harbour. Suddenly, a gust of wind turned joy into fear: the boat capsized, and everyone in it was thrown into the water. Thomas Edwards, who was… Read more »

Llewellyn William Atcherley, Inspector of Constabulary

On 20 January 1919, Major-General Llewellyn William Atcherley C.M.G., C.V.O., Chief Constable of the West Riding of Yorkshire, was appointed to the position of H. M. Inspector of Constabulary. It was a role which would see him not only inspect the police forces of England and Wales, but also influence their development and operations. The position naturally involved a great… Read more »

An Atcherley and an almshouse

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As I tracked my great grandfather Samuel Atcherley back through time via the England and Wales census records, I began to find out more about the family he had come from. Not just his parents – agricultural labourer Henry and his wife Mary – but also his many siblings. I soon found myself delving into the lives of those brothers… Read more »