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Atcherleys of Christmas Past, Part 2

< Back to Atcherleys of Christmas Past, Part 1 A world away from the privations of 20th century battlefields and POW camps, the well-to-do in early 19th century England had a wide range of delicacies from which to choose at Christmas. On 10 December 1828 Benjamin Jones of Shrewsbury, who had married Bell Atcherley of that town five years earlier,… Read more »

Atcherleys of Christmas Past, Part 1

“Mrs SARAH ATCHERLEY, gave by will Thirty Pounds, to the Poor of this Parish, the Interest to be given in Bread on Christmas Day for ever” — Benefaction table, Baschurch All Saints. Christmas is a time for giving, and that is exactly what Sarah Atcherley did through her will. Although she was referred to as Mrs Sarah Atcherley, this abbreviation… Read more »