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A Day at the Air Races – Part 1

Flight-Lieut. Atcherley, the British Schneider Trophy pilot, will represent Great Britain in the American national air races at Chicago on August 22. He has been invited to visit the United States by Lieut. Williams, the American Schneider pilot, who has been in Europe during the past two weeks conveying invitations to representative pilots from Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany. … Read more »

The stage career of Rowland Hill Atcherley: Act 1

Rowland Hill Atcherley was born in the Essex parish of Theydon Bois in 1870. His father and grandfather were both doctors, of science and medicine respectively, so I was somewhat surprised to find that Rowland, according to the 1901 census, was an actor! Cottage at Theydon Bois, Essex, the parish where Rowland Hill Atcherley was born. The census of 1901… Read more »

Sarah and John Atcherley: From Waters Upton to the Workhouse

Siblings Sarah and John Atcherley were the first of six children born to John Atcherley senior of Waters Upton, Shropshire, and his wife Elizabeth. They were also the only two of John and Elizabeth’s children who did not marry. Though they led separate and very different lives, ultimately they shared the same fate. Sarah Atcherley and her brother John both… Read more »