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Paris, Texas: Charles Cureton Atcherley in the USA

There were three log houses in Paris when I came here in 1879. There may have been more, but these I remember well. One was on the lot then owned by the Episcopal Church.  […] Another log house was on South Main street, about where now is the north end of the bus station, and a rail fence was between… Read more »

Mary Haaheo Atcherley and her Democratic candidacy

Two women candidates, Mrs. Mary H. Atcherley of Oahu and Mrs. Helen Sniffen of Maui, democrats, running for the territorial senate, were nominated, both leading their tickets. Mrs. Atcherly, who is well known in Vancouver, B. C, Seattle, Wash., and the northwest, is the first woman to run for office in Honolulu. She is conceded to be a strong candidate… Read more »

James Rennell Atcherley and an Electoral Conspiracy

Most of the records relating to James Rennell Atcherley of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, show that he was a veterinary surgeon. Some, though, provide evidence of a secondary occupation which would have supplemented James’ income, that of an innkeeper or publican. These records include newspaper reports of cases at the Petty Sessions at Bridgnorth, in which James had suffered trespass or was… Read more »