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Faith, hope and charity – Fanny Rose, nee Atcherley

The Rev. Dr. Brown said they had come on a solemn errand, and were assembled to render the last office of respect and affection to the sacred dust of one who had passed from their midst, and gone home to be with God. … Speaking for himself, he could remember when the parents of Mrs. Rose belonged to the congregation… Read more »

James Roger Atcherley’s American Civil War – Part 1

By the end of 1860, tensions between the northern and southern United States regarding the issue of slavery had reached breaking point. On 20 December, South Carolina adopted an ordinance of secession, becoming the first state to secede from the Union. Six more states followed and on 4 February 1861 the Confederate States of America was established. The stage was… Read more »

Richard Atcherley in pre-WW2 Germany – Part 2

< Back to Part 1 Germany does not want to fight England, but the spirit of the new Germany will brook no interference from any Power which attempts to hinder the attainment of what the Germans consider to be their lawful and rightful aims. The advent of air power has placed a weapon in their hands by which they can… Read more »

Was Margaret Atcherley’s son transported to Australia?

In 1843 a man by the name of Charles Needham was sentenced, at Sheffield, Yorkshire, to seven years transportation. He was sent ‘Down Under’ on the Equestrian, which departed England on 25 January 1844. Charles arrived at Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) later that year and eventually obtained a ticket of leave at Hobart, meaning that he was free to settle in… Read more »

The Rev James Atcherley, Head Master of Shrewsbury – Part 2

< Back to Part 1 But we have not space to go through the history of the various head-masters, or trace how the school’s fortunes rose with some and fell with others, till at the end of the eighteenth century it reached its lowest under James Atcherley, who in twenty-eight years reduced its numbers to twenty-two—a fact which is not… Read more »