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Richard Atcherley, yeoman farmer of Wolverley

In the early days of my Atcherley family history research, the Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland of John Burke and John Bernard Burke provided a useful source of information for the genealogy of the Atcherleys of Marton. One problem with pedigrees such as those produced by the Burkes however is that, by… Read more »

The marital histories of Ann and Eleonora Atcherley

Ann Atcherley and her sister Eleonora were daughters of Captain James Atcherley of the Royal Marines, and his partner Sarah Perkins. James was married, but not to Sarah: he had children both in and out of wedlock. As for Ann and Eleonora, their marital histories were very different to their father’s, and to each other’s. Of the two Atcherley sisters,… Read more »

Art/work: Samuel Atcherley and the designs for his future

An assessment of Samuel Atcherley’s future prospects, based on the first two census returns in which he appeared, does not paint a promising picture. In 1871, at the age of 6, Samuel was the youngest of four children who were being cared for by their widowed mother, Jane Atcherley. Jane, working as a laundress to make ends meet, was supporting… Read more »

Hope and Hester Atcherley’s World War Two

< Back to Hope and Hester Atcherley’s World War One – Part 2. As she stood in the grounds of the Roodee, between the River Dee and Chester’s ancient city walls, Mary Elizabeth Hope Atcherley might well have experienced a feeling of déjà vu. She had been here before, back in 1914 when, almost on the eve of the Great… Read more »

Putting the genes into genealogy – Part 2

< Back to Part 1. Updated 2 April 2017 to reflect changes at FTDNA and Gedmatch Almost a year has passed since I wrote about my initial foray into the world of genetic genealogy. Back in June 2015, I had received the results of my Ancestry DNA test and had downloaded the data to find out what Family Tree DNA… Read more »

James Roger Atcherley’s American Civil War – Part 4

< Back to Part 3.  Camp Four Miles South of Corinth, June 2, 1862. Mr. Editor:—I write to you, if not from the depths of my heart, at least from the depths of a wilderness. Wilderness. Ugh, that doesn’t imply half the horrors of this wretched, deserted, god-forsaken, ‘skeeter-inhabited region. From the time we reached Pittsburg Landing up to the… Read more »