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Llewellyn Atcherley and police efficiency

After attending the International Police Conference in New York in 1922, Major-General Llewellyn William Atcherley, HM Inspector of Constabulary, resumed his normal duties. Travelling around the country, he viewed parades of police officers before inspecting ‘the books’ and the police forces’ facilities. These events provided opportunities to show off local police to the public as well as the Home Office’s… Read more »

The life of John Atcherley, waggoner of Kinnersley

I never thought it would be possible to write much in the way of a story about the life of John Atcherley of Kinnersley (nowadays Kynnersley). As a son of agricultural labourer Henry Atcherley (my 2x great grandfather), John was destined for a life of relative obscurity. He never married, and as far as I know he did not father… Read more »

Atcherley ‘ag labs’ and illuminating inquests

Many members of the Atcherley family employed agricultural labourers. Some Atcherleys, on the other hand, were ‘ag labs’ (to use the abbreviation popular with family historians) or other types of farm workers (waggoners, for example). Finding records which shed light on the lives of these Atcherley ag labs has not been easy – but recently I discovered details of some inquests… Read more »