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Hope and Hester Atcherley’s World War One – Part 1

< Back to Hope and Hester Atcherley’s school days It is 1914, and the war in Europe means that tensions are high. In the city of Chester the alarm has been raised. A week after the despatch of Britain’s expeditionary force, an aeroplane and an airship have alighted on the Chester’s racecourse, the Roodee. The men aboard report that a… Read more »

John Atcherley and the deterrence of felonies

Notice is hereby given, That we, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, being inhabitants of the townships of Kinnersley, Preston, Hoo-Hall, Horton, Lubstreepark, Buttery Farm, Cheshall, Longford, Brockton, Tiberton, Cherrington, Dearyhouse Farm, Rowton, Moortown, Sambrook, and Eyton, near Wellington, in the County of Salop, have formed ourselves into a Society, to prosecute, at our joint Expense, all House-breakers, Horse-stealers, or Persons… Read more »