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New articles or stories added to Atcherley.org.uk are easy to spot as they are automatically listed in the right-hand margin under Recent Posts. But new pages (in the Resources, Trees, Pictures and Links sections of the site), and updates to previously posted articles or stories, are not automatically highlighted. Hence this page, which will detail, and link to, new and updated content.

What’s new in 2018

November. This month saw the addition of three new pages. Atcherley, factually provides an overview of the Atcherley surname and the people bearing it from a one-name or surname study perspective. Related to this new content is a page added to the Resource section of the website, Surname maps, on which you can find maps showing the distribution and density of the Atcherley surname across English and Welsh counties in 1841, 1881, and 1921. Finally the site’s new Topic index allows you to find Atcherley stories and articles of interest according to the topics they cover.

August. A welcome addition to the Pictures section of the website, thanks to scans of photographs supplied by Barbara Lang, is William and Lucy (Atcherley) Patterson.

April. After a year with no new pages added to the site, this month I have added a catalogue of my Atcherley Archive. This describes the books, manuscripts, ephemera, photographs, paintings and other items in my growing collection. Photographs of some of the items are shown, and links given to related articles / stories / transcripts on this site and to images on Flickr where appropriate.

Also in April, in view of the small number of updates to this page, I have moved it from the main menu so that it appears under ‘About’ in the menu.

Note: I am always happy to receive new information or images relating to the Atcherley family and their descendants. Info/pictures can be sent to me via the email address on my Guild of One Name Studies profile page.

News of updates to this website, plus other snippets of Atcherley information and genealogy news, are posted to the Atcherley.org.uk page at Facebook – do please ‘Like’ the page to keep in touch with developments.

What was new in 2017

April. A new page in the Pictures section of the website this month is dedicated to William Clive Atcherley and Winifred, his wife.

March. Almost all of the entries in my Trade and Street Directories pages have now been linked to the profile pages for the Atcherleys concerned, in the new Atcherley Family Tree. Just click on the tree images [] to find out more about the person or persons listed.

Also this month, I have added a subsection on Wills etc to the Resources section of the website. This gives access two two lists, giving brief details of known wills, administrations etc for Atcherley men and Atcherley women.

January. Following my additions to the Atcherley Family Tree in December, this month I have created an entirely new Atcherley Family Tree to replace it! I hinted that I might do this in my article Genealogy Goals 2016 – 2017, in which I also explained my reasons. The new tree contains nearly 6,000 people right from the start, and I am beginning to cross-link between people in it and the stories and photo pages relating to them.

Also this month, I changed the website’s home page. Previously the home page featured the website’s six most recent stories and articles, and changed automatically as new stories were added. Now it is a ‘static’ page, but one which I hope to update regularly to keep it fresh and highlight different pictures, stories, and people in the Atcherley Family Tree.

Another new ‘feature’ added in January is Atcherley.org.uk’s Charity of the Year for 2017. This is a completely new venture, an attempt to use the Atcherley family history website to generate support for a worthwhile charity with Shropshire connections. This year, that charity is The Movement Centre in Oswestry. TMC provides ‘targeted training’ to help children with issues (such as a cerebral palsy) affecting their ability to walk, and other movement control problems. Please support TMC’s wonderful work through my JustGiving page.

What was new in 2016

December. New additions to the site since August have been in the form of articles and stories (12 of them in all). Until this month is. Over the last week or so I have added more than 400 people to the Atcherley Family Tree, taking the total number of people to over 1200 (a 50% increase). The new people are not Atcherleys, but female line descendants and what i call ‘allied families’ – those with more than one connection to the Atcherleys (and often to each other as well).

August. Thanks to fellow Ancestry member Mary Beyer, I have been able to add a photo Mae Edith Atcherley (née Dunn) to the photos page for Dr John Atcherley of Hawaii and his family.

June. Thanks to Ralf De Jonge, I have been able to add another page to the Pictures section of the website: Muriel Hope Atcherley.

May. The Monumental Inscriptions section of the site continues to expand, with the addition of MIs in Asia.

Also in May, I have added a Name index for the articles and stories on the website. The index lists the names of every person who is the subject (or joint subject) of one or more stories or articles on this site, or who is mentioned in some detail in a story or article.

Another addition has been made to the ‘Atcherley family album’, in the form of a silhouette of Captain James Atcherley, R.M.

Finally, a new page has been added to the Pictures section of the website, Atcherley artefacts. This page may end up as a series of pages if I can track down more images which I can share online.

April. Another new page has been added to the Monumental Inscriptions part of the Photos section of the Atcherley website: Cheshire MIs.

Also new to the Photos section of the website this month are pages dedicated to Margaret Lowndes, née Atcherley (although her likeness was captured by an artist rather than a photographer) and Margaret Ryley, née Atcherley, and family (featuring photographs from the early 1900s).

February. Three new Atcherley photos have been added to the site this month. First, a lovely image of Emma Arabella Atcherley and child, courtesy of Archives of Ontario, and a picture of Emma’s husband Francis, from The Lancashire Infantry Museum (see Francis Topping Atcherley and family). Second, a wonderful photo of baby Victoria Elizabeth Kaiulani Atcherley from City of Vancouver Archives (see Dr John Atcherley of Hawaii and his family).

January. A new page has been added to the Monumental Inscriptions part of the Photos section of the Atcherley website: MIs in Canada. Just two photos so far – there are other pictures online of Atcherley MIs in Canada, but I will only use them here if and when I get permission to do so.

What was new in 2015

December. A visit to The National Archives at Kew enabled me to update my page giving details of Atcherleys recorded on the 1939 Register,  Census etc: 1930s.

To fill the gap between the 1911 census and the 1939 Register, I added Census etc: 1920s, with a 1921 England & Wales census substitute.

Details of over a hundred people who appear in records with Atcherley (or variants Atcherly / Acherley) as a forename rather than a surname have been added in a new section: Atcherley as a forename.

November. Following the release online of the 1939 Register, I have added details of Atcherley family members in the register to a new page, Census etc: 1930s.

September. Following the launch of the new version of this website, on 1 September I made a number of tweaks to the code ‘behind the scenes’ with the aim of further improving the look and feel of the site.

On 5 September a new Atcherley family tree section of the website was launched, using the Genealone WordPress plugin.

Also in September, I added a photo of a memorial at Moascar Cemetery, Egypt, on which David Francis William Atcherley is named, to the MIs in Africa page.

August. On 15 August I launched the Atcherley Surname DNA Project at Family Tree DNA, and added a DNA page to this website.

On 22 August a photo of the gravestone of Roger Atcherley (1831-1909) was added to the Other Shropshire MIs page.

On 31 August I updated the WordPress theme for this website. The result, I hope, is a cleaner, fresher appearance for the site. In addition, the website should now be ‘mobile-friendly’. The site now has a slightly different web address or URL; ‘redirects’ set up on the old site should send visitors to to the new site automatically.

July. Two Links pages have been added this month, with lists of links to sources of digitised Books, periodicals & newspapers (in the early hours of 25 July) and to other Surname study websites (on 12 July).

Two new pages of photos has also been added: Fanny, Jessy, Rose and Lily Atcherley (added 23 July) and Edward and Robert Atcherley (added 25 July). This brings the total number of Atcherleys (by birth or marriage) appearing in photographs in that section of the website, to 41 (possibly 42).

Finally, on 26 July I added a full list of all the articles and Atcherley family stories on this website, in a new Index section.

June. On 5 June, thanks to Martin Atcherley, I was able to update The Art and Soul of Ethel Atcherley with an image of one of her paintings, Warkworth Castle.

On 22 June I updated Moving Half The Mountain, a short article about a film featuring Sir Harold Atcherley, following Sir Harold’s meeting with a former Japanese soldier who also appeared in Helen Langridge’s amazing project.

May. On 2 May another new MI page joined the Photos section of the website, with a photo of the Chase family gravestone featuring Rowland Clarence Atcherley, his wife and their daughter: MIs in Massachusetts.

On 23 May I updated the Censuses etc pages for the 1860s, 1870s, 1880s, 1900s and 1910s by adding links to the US census records (which include links to images) now available for free at Mocavo. In addition, I updated the broken links to Canadian census records at Libraries & Archives Canada.

April. On 7 April I added a WW2 portrait of David Francis William Atcherley to the Photos page for Richard (“Batchy”) and David Atcherley.

March. On 8 March, for International Women’s Day, I updated The Art and Soul of Ethel Atcherley with additional information, and images.

Also in March, photos of Jack Rowland’s memorial plaque and of Louie and Stephen Stanley Atcherley’s gravestone were added to the Photos page MIs in Australasia.

February. The following Tree pages have been reviewed and updated in February 2015:

Thomas Atcherley of Twyford
Richard Atcherley of Weston

William Atcherley of Shrewsbury
Edward Atcherley of Wolverhampton

January. On 1 January 2015 I added a new photo of Richard Atcherley to the Photos page for Richard (“Batchy”) and David Atcherley. The picture shows him on his arrival at New York in 1934.

The following Tree pages were reviewed and updated during January:

John Atcherley of Waters Upton
Henry Atcherley of Kinnersley
Thomas Atcherley of Marton
Richard Atcherley of Marton

What was new in 2014

Updates to stories

On 20 September 2014 I completely rewrote the article about Llewellyn Atcherley’s World War One. The original article, written rather hurriedly in November 2011, has been expanded with much more information, several photos and lots of references.

On 3 August 2014 I renamed all the stories in the ‘Remembrance’ series of articles which I posted in the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday of 2011 (but left the web addresses or URLs unchanged to prevent ‘broken links’). I also created a new World War 1 page which links to all of the existing WW1-related stories, and to which I will add links to future stories relating to the Great War as they are added.

On 4 July 2014 I updated the story I first wrote on 4 July 2011: John Atcherley and American Independence. Since this story first appeared, John’s links with the rest of his Atcherley family (originally based solely on his appearance in his father’s will) have been strengthened by the discovery of his baptism. I have also found that he had three children, not two. His links with the events leading up to American Independence however remain as tenuous as ever!

Updates to Trees

Thorough overhauls of four of the 12 Trees pages were completed in 2014:

Richard of Stanwardine

Richard of Edgerley

Roger of Shrewsbury

Samuel of High Ercall

Updated and new Photos pages

On 17 September 2014 I added a new page to the Photos section of the website for Llewellyn William Atcherley featuring a wonderful photo taken at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York in 1922, when Llewellyn was attending the first International Police Conference.

The following pages, featuring People or Monumental Inscriptions (MIs), were added or updated earlier in 2014:

Francis Topping Atcherley and family (“A Song, Written on the Occasion of the Marriage of Lieut.-Col. Atcherley” has been added)

Richard (“Batchy”) and David Atcherley (several new photos have been added, thanks to Getty Images and the Oundle School Archives)

Dr John Atcherley of Hawaii and his family (a new page with some wonderful photos of members of this branch of the Atcherley family, kindly made available by several people)

Staffordshire MIs (a new page featuring pictures supplied by Margaret Stead)

Lancashire MIs (now includes a photo from Manchester General Cemetery, from Barbara Lang)

London MIs (a new page with a photo by Martin Atcherley)

MIs in Africa (a new page with photos by Eleanor Garvie from the Gravestone Photographic Library of the eGGSA website)

MIs in Australasia (yet another new page, this one featuring a photo from SueM, a contributor to Find A Grave)