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The widowed Ann Atcherley and matters pecuniary

< Back to The Anglo-French ancestry of Ann Compton Atcherley or Rowland Atcherley, M.D. The marriage of Rowland Atcherley and Ann Compton du Moulin was sadly shortlived, brought to an end after just five years by Rowland’s untimely death. Three years later, Ann’s father Andrew du Moulin passed away too. Following Andrew’s decease Ann stood to benefit not only from… Read more »

The Anglo-French ancestry of Ann Compton Atcherley

One of the pleasures of conducting the one-name study of an uncommon surname like Atcherley, is being able to spend time researching the families of the people to whom the Atcherleys were married. This often yields useful genealogical information. It can also provide interesting insights into the ways in which the lives of people in the main Atcherley family tree… Read more »

Rowland Atcherley, M.D.

Rowland Atcherley was a doctor during a time in British medical history known as ‘the period of medical reform’. The boundaries between the different branches of medical practice were blurring, as those branches moved towards becoming a unified profession. Within the profession there was greater organisation, and sharing of knowledge, along with improvement in education and training. It was also… Read more »

Eleanor Frances Atcherley and the Wakefield Women’s Suffrage Society – Part 2

< Back to Part 1.  WAKEFIELD. On February 24th Mrs. Atcherley very kindly entertained the members to tea, preceded by a Suffrage debate. Miss Fielden championed the cause, and Miss I. O. Ford [pictured right] was kind enough to appear as an Anti-Suffragist—a real one who would debate could not be found. […] The annual meeting was held in the Wakefield Assembly Rooms on March… Read more »

Eleanor Frances Atcherley and the Wakefield Women’s Suffrage Society – Part 1

< Back to Eleanor Frances Atcherley and the Boer War.  Opening an exhibition of cookery at Normanton Central Schools last night, Mrs. Atcherley, wife of the Chief Constable of Wakefield, after giving a humorous description of her household experiences in South Africa when with her husband at the Boer War, went on to say that young English constables had generally… Read more »

Henry Mount Langton Atcherley and the New Zealand Wars – Part 2

< Back to Part 1. War, according to an old adage, consists of long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. In the first part of this story, we saw something of the terror that Henry Atcherley would have experienced when he took part in the Battle of Te Ranga. But what about the periods before and after… Read more »