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A matter of life and death (certificates) – Part 1

Another opportunity to buy copies of historic birth and death register entries at a lower price is in progress, and I have taken full advantage! The opportunity takes the form of a second, extended pilot of providing these uncertified extracts in electronic (PDF) format by the General Register Office (GRO) for England and Wales. The cost of the PDFs – £6… Read more »

Robert Atcherley and the ‘Rutlandshire Cavalry’

 A few days since died, at St. Alban’s Lieutenant Robert Atcherley, of the Rutlandshire Cavalry; late Ironmonger, of Shrewsbury.  – Hereford Journal, 4 March 1795. Robert Atcherley was the youngest son of farmer John Atcherley of the Moortown in Shropshire and his wife Elizabeth, née Beech (see John Atcherley and the deterrence of felonies). I have found no other evidence… Read more »

Genealogy achievements in 2017 and goals for 2018

The dying days of the year are when people usually look back on the 12 months which have just passed, and set resolutions or goals for the next dozen. Me? I was too busy, racing against the clock to achieve one of my targets for 2017, to give much thought to 2018! But the new year is here now, the… Read more »

Caroline Frances Amherst Atcherley and an opera by Donizetti

One of my favourite acquisitions of 2017 is a photograph of Caroline Frances Amherst Atcherley and the rest of the Marton Hall Amateur Opera Company, posed in full costume in front of the Hall from which the company took its name. Also in the photograph, taking prominent places in the centre, are David Francis Atcherley in his judge’s wig and… Read more »

John Roger Atcherley and railway accountancy – Part 2

< Back to Part 1. The preface of Bradshaw’s Railway Manual of 1881 stated that there were then “upwards of 350 independent Railway undertakings in the United Kingdom”, while the General Index listed 342 UK railway companies from the Abbotsbury to the Yarmouth Union. Many of these firms were small affairs, with very limited lengths of ‘railroad’ to their names…. Read more »

John Roger Atcherley and railway accountancy – Part 1

Sometime between April 1851 and November 1852, the family of Thomas Cureton Atcherley (1804–1874) established itself in Wolverhampton, settling a little to the west of the town centre at Chapel Ash. Not long afterwards an expanding transportation company also arrived in Wolverhampton – the Great Western Railway. In conjunction with the Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway, the GWR opened a… Read more »