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The Atcherley family and the Salop Infirmary – Part 1

“THE unhappy Condition of many People, who labour under the double Distress of Sickness and Want, hath occasion’d an ENQUIRY, Whether some Publick Provision may not be made for their Relief, in Imitation of the HOSPITALS and INFIRMARIES in LONDON and WESTMINSTER.” So began a printed address – A Proposal for Erecting an Infirmary for the Poor-Sick and Lame of… Read more »

52 Atcherleys: John Atcherley and Elizabeth, née Meadows

John Atcherley [], born on 18 May 1766, was – like his father before him – the second of three sons born to a father of the same name as himself. Unlike his father before him however, this John Atcherley was not destined to take on the family farm at Moortown in the Shropshire parish of Ercall Magna. In my… Read more »

The Atcherley-Symes story – Part 4

< Back to Part 3. The loss of his beloved wife Sarah [] must have hit Aaron Stark Symes [] very hard. The couple had been married for nearly four decades and prior to Sarah’s sudden and fatal illness, they had every expectation of spending many more years together. Aaron’s duties as Commander of steam-packets ferrying mail across the Irish Sea had… Read more »

The Atcherley family of Edgerley in Kinnerley – Part 2

< Back to Part 1. In my article Revising the roots of the family tree I investigated the ancestry of my 8x great grandparents John Atcherley [] and his wife Elizabeth (née Elsmere) []. In this article however I will be looking at John and Elizabeth as potential parents of Richard Atcherley [] and ancestors of the line of Atcherleys who inhabited Edgerley in… Read more »

The Atcherley family of Edgerley in Kinnerley – Part 1

The branch of the Atcherley family tree which was based in the Shropshire parish of Kinnerley for many years began with Richard. This Richard Atcherley [] is a particularly perplexing piece in the family’s genealogical jigsaw puzzle, because I have no definitive evidence – in the form of a baptism or any other record – confirming the identity of his parents…. Read more »

An Atcherley family’s English Civil War – Part 1

< Back to John Atcherley, draper of Shrewsbury. On 20 September 1642, King Charles I and his army entered Shrewsbury – a relatively safe haven in a country which had, at least in part, turned against him. Shrewsbury Castle had been hurriedly prepared for military use, and Charles took up residence in the nearby Council House. His troops were billeted… Read more »