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James Rennell Atcherley: A life and death with horses – Part 2

< Back to Part 1.  I have formerly hinted, that is is a very difficult Matter to come at the true Knowledge of Distempers in Horses, and that more Skill and Judgment is required in the Cure of them, than in those of a Human Body; because the poor Creature cannot answer any Questions, therefore we must have Recourse to… Read more »

James Rennell Atcherley: A life and death with horses – Part 1

< Back to James Rennell Atcherley and an electoral conspiracy. On Monday morning last, as Mr. James Atcherley, veterinary surgeon, of Bridgnorth, with his son James were proceeding from Bridgnorth in a gig, when near the first mile-stone the bridle bit broke. The horse finding his head at liberty dashed off at full speed towards Ludlow. After going a short… Read more »

A day at the Air Races – Part 2

< Back to A day at the Air Races – Part 1. Following his appearance at the National Air Races in America in 1930, Richard ‘Batchy’ Atcherley’s return to this event in 1931 was eagerly awaited. Reports of his involvement in that year’s aerial extravaganza began in June, when former US Navy Lieutenant Al Williams, “speed king of the United… Read more »

Charlotte and Caroline, an Atcherley author and her sister

 It was a true Devonshire Lane in which they found themselves; in those days there were many such, they are fewer now; farmers wage war with singing birds and flower-clad hedges. A wall of verdure rose on either side abounding with flowers and frequented by songsters, for had not the merry month of May just quitted the scene, and the… Read more »

Samuel Lawrence Atcherley Junior’s Hawaiian school days

 I was six days from being 9 years old the day Pearl Harbor was bombed, nearly 74 years ago. I was an orphaned child of six years then. We boys, while standing on our patio after 7 a.m., following breakfast, looked up to see rows of low-flying airplanes marked with solid red painted circles on their wings headed in the… Read more »

Athletic Atcherleys: Football in the family tree – Part 1

Back in the day I was quite a good runner, but football was never my forte (my favourite position when participating in school soccer matches during PE was right back – in the changing rooms). The ‘beautiful game’ was definitely enjoyed by some of my Atcherley cousins however. With the World Cup currently well under way, this feels like a… Read more »