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The Curate of Wednesbury and His Vicar – Part 1

< Back to The Rev John Atcherley and his Naval Chaplaincy.  THE following sheets would long ere this have appeared had it not been from a spirit of forbearance on one hand, and a strong desire on the other, not to expose to public censure the imprudent, not to say malevolent, conduct of any individual on earth, much more that… Read more »

The Rev John Atcherley and his naval chaplaincy

“The panic of invasion had forcibly seized the imaginations of many persons. Government, willing to tranquillize the public mind, availed itself of every species of force to repel the threatened aggression.” So wrote Edward Pelham Brenton in his 1827 publication, The Naval History of Great Britain. The man behind the “panic of invasion” was Napoleon, Emperor of France. Among the… Read more »

William Baugh Atcherley and his Saturday half-holidays – Part 2

< Back to Part 1.  That, therefore, was convincing proof of the propriety of the Saturday half-holiday. But then the next and most important question came to be, when they had got their leisure what would they do with it? […] Volunteering was no doubt excellent to those who liked it; so were athletic sports, where circumstances admitted of them;… Read more »

William Baugh Atcherley and his Saturday half-holidays – Part 1

 The annual celebration of the early closing movement took place last evening, in St. James’s Hall. […] The Chairman [stated that he] was going to say a word on the benefits which had arisen from the adoption of the Saturday half-holiday, but that he had been spared the trouble of doing by a letter which he had received that morning… Read more »

Richard Atcherley, yeoman farmer of Wolverley

In the early days of my Atcherley family history research, the Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland of John Burke and John Bernard Burke provided a useful source of information for the genealogy of the Atcherleys of Marton. One problem with pedigrees such as those produced by the Burkes however is that, by… Read more »

The marital histories of Ann and Eleonora Atcherley

Ann Atcherley and her sister Eleonora were daughters of Captain James Atcherley of the Royal Marines, and his partner Sarah Perkins. James was married, but not to Sarah: he had children both in and out of wedlock. As for Ann and Eleonora, their marital histories were very different to their father’s, and to each other’s. Of the two Atcherley sisters,… Read more »