This section of the website features Atcherley-related pictures in the following categories:


Pictures of members of the Atcherley family from times past are not numerous. Those that I have, and which I have permission to post online (or which are in the public domain or otherwise free of copyright restrictions), I will post here.

I would love to add more, so if you have photographs of Atcherley family members or descendants which could be included (or if you know someone who has any), please contact me through my Guild of One Name Studies profile page.

There are two virtual ‘Atcherley family photo albums’ in this section:

People – Album 1

People – Album 2

Monumental Inscriptions

Gravestones, monuments, plaques etc commemorating and/or marking the last resting places of members of the Atcherley family. The inscriptions on these monuments sometimes include information not recorded elsewhere. Here is the index page to the photos I have taken or obtained permission to share in this section:

Monumental Inscriptions

Atcherley artefacts

The beginning of a collection of images of paintings and other artefacts (even a car!) created by or for, or otherwise related to, members of the Atcherley family.

Atcherley artefacts