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Updated 21 Nov 2018.

This page provides a catalogue of my ever-increasing ‘Atcherley Archive’, a collection of books, documents, photographs and other objects created by or relating to members of the Atcherley family.

Books and other publications

Note: Included here are books written solely or jointly by, or written about, members of the Atcherley family, and books which were owned by Atcherleys, also an abstract extracted from a scientific publication. Not included are modern day ‘print-on-demand’ reprints of earlier works, electronic copies of books, or books which are only partially about Atcherley family members (of which I have several).

  • Acherley, Roger (1741): The Britannic Constitution: or, the Fundamental Form of Government in Britain. […] To which is Added, a Supplement, containing Reasons for Uniformity in the State. (Leather-bound. Printed in London – in the year after Roger’s death – for S. Birt, D. Browne, C. Hitch, C. Davies, S. Austen, and A. Millar.)
    Image: Pictured right.
  • Atcherley, D. F. W. (David Francis William) and R. A. B. Hamilton (1923), “Bluff.” A Noise in Five Fits. Written for the Royal Military College Theatre, Sandhurst. (To be Acted by 17 Platoon Exclusively). (Soft cover. Printed by W. Pomphrey, “Press” Office.)
  • Atcherley, Harold (2004): War Diary. Singapore, Siam & Burma 1941–1945. (Hardback. Self-published. Inscribed on first flyleaf “To Richard and Jane / With love / Harold / September 2004”.)
  • Atcherley, Harold (2012): Prisoner of Japan. A personal war diary. Singapore, Siam & Burma 1941 – 1945. (With illustrations by Ronald Searle. Paperback. Published by Memoirs Publishing.)
  • Atcherley, Harold (2008): My Glass is Half Full. Harold Atcherley’s Reminiscences. (Hardback. Self-published.) 2 copies.
  • Atcherley, L. W. (Lewis Winter) and Karl Pearson (1904), Disregarded Points in the Stability of Masonry Dams. (Abstract, on pages 456-7 of an unknown journal.)
  • New! Atcherley, Major L. W. (Llewellyn William) (1909): Regulations, Orders and Instructions for the Guidance of the West Riding Constabulary. (Hardback.)
  • Atcherley, L. W. (Llewellyn William) (1924): Modus Operandi in Criminal Investigation and Detection. (Soft cover. Self published?) 2 copies.
    Image: Pictured right.
  • New! Atcherley, Mary (1930): First Book in Hawaiian. A Text Book in the Hawaiian Language. (Hardback. Published for the Territory of Hawaii by the Hawaiian Board of Missions.)
  • New! Atcherley, Rowland J. (Rowland John) (1879): A trip to Böerland, or A Year’s Travel, Sport, and Gold-digging in the Transvaal and Colony of Natal. (Hardback. Published by Richard Bentley and Son, London.) 2 copies, one inscribed “With kind regards from the Author Nov 11th 79”.
  • Atcherley, Tony and Mark Carey (2007): Hitler’s Gay Traitor. The story of Ernst Röhm, Chief of Staff of the S.A. (Paperback. Published by Trafford Publishing. Signed and dated – 22/03/07 – by Tony. With publicity postcard addressed to Derek Horton (?), with message and signature, dated 17 Mar 2007.)
  • Fack, James (2003): W. C. Atcherley. The Lost Coachbuilder. (Revised edition. Soft cover. Published by Railton Owners Club.)
  • Pudney, John (1960): A Pride of Unicorns. The biography of the Atcherley brothers. (Hardback. Published by Oldbourne Book Co Ltd.) 3 copies.
  • Smollett, T (1841): The History of England. (3 volumes. Hardback. All three inscribed on first flyleaf: “Mrs W. S. Langton Atcherley / Edinburgh / 1843”.)

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Manuscript documents

Documents relating to land at Morton, Shropshire, owned by John Atcherley and to the marriage settlement of John’s son Thomas Atcherley:

  • True Catalogue of ye Deeds and Writings [which] are in Joseph Withers Custody Relating To Morton Ucha and Morton Issa in ye County of Salop [which said Tenements] were purchased by John Atcherley and the [said] Joseph Withers in ye [yeare] of Our [Lord] 1729. Undated.
  • Indenture between John Atcherley of Stanwardine in the Fields, Gentleman, of the one part, and John Atcherley of Ebnall, Yeoman, and Thomas Cureton of Hordley, Yeoman, of the other part. Dated 19 Feb 1777.
    Images (at Flickr): page 1, page 2.
  • Marriage settlement of Thomas Atcherley and Hannah Cureton. Dated 20 Feb 1773.
    Images (at Flickr): title, page 1, page 2.
    Story: Love and Marriage (Settlement): Thomas Atcherley and Hannah Cureton.

Documents relating to premises in the Manor of Whitchurch, Shropshire:

  • Abstract of Mr. John Atcherleys Title to Copyhold Premises within the Manor of Whitchurch in the County of Salop. Dated 1 Oct 1801.
  • Admittance of John Atcherley. Dated 16 Oct 1801.
  • Miss Atcherley to Mr. Saml. Trevor. Copy Discharge for Legacy left by her Fathers Will. Dated 16 Oct 1801.
  • Release by Mr. Turner as Trustee named in the will of Mr. Richd. Powdrill decd of a Shop in Whitchurch in the County of Salop to Mr. Cartwright and his Heirs. Dated 14 Jun 1810.
  • Mr. Trevor’s Understanding to produce Deeds to Mr. Cartwright in Support of his Title to a Shop in the high Street in Whitchurch. Dated 29 Jun 1810.
  • Abstract of the Title to Houses and Shops situate in High Street Whitchurch in the County of Salop. (Begins by reciting Court Baron for the Manor at Whitchurch on 16 Oct 1801, attended by John Atcherley only Son and Heir at law and devisee in fee named in the last Will and Testament of Roger Atcherley.) Dated 1890.
  • Abstract of the Title to Houses and Shops situate in High Street Whitchurch in the County of Salop.  Dated 1890.

Other manuscript documents:

  • Account book / day book of David Francis Atcherley, Serjeant at Law. Entries date from 9 Sep 1835 to 5 Jul 1845 (the day before David’s death) and are written on 158 pages in total.
  • Thos Atcherley Massy Dickin Esqr. and The Churchwardens and Overseers of the Parish of Loppington. Order of Exchange of Lands situate in the Township and Parish of Loppington in the County of Salop. (Office Copy.) Dated 8 Apr 1868.
  • Agreement (between Miss M (Margaret) Atcherley and Mr. S. Bowyer) for the Sale and Purchase of Piece of Land at Rhosygadfa Parish of Whittington Salop. Dated 24 October 1891.
  • List of Fixtures etc at Marton Hall, Baschurch, Salop, agreed to be taken at Valuation by W G Lancaster Esq. Dated Dec 1896.
    Images (at Flickr): Cover; folio 1, recto; folio 2, recto; folio 2, verso; folio 3, recto; folio 3, verso; folio 4, recto; folio 4, verso; folio 5, recto; folio 6, recto; folio 6, verso; folio 7, recto; folio 7, verso; folio 8, recto; folio 8, verso; folio 9, recto; folio 10, verso.
    Story: If halls could talk: Marton Hall and its Atcherleys.

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Billheads for items supplied to Mr Serjeant Atcherley / Mr Atcherley (David Francis Atcherley, Serjeant at Law), 1835 – 1845:

  • Billhead of John Low, Hatter, of 68 Fleet Street, London, for beaver hats supplied to Mr Serjt Atcherley in 1835 and 1836.
  • Billhead of Richard Hughes, printer and stationer, bookseller and bookbinder, of Church Street, Wrexham, for items supplied to Mr Serjeant Atcherley in 1837. (Brief bio of Richard Hughes at Dictionary of Welsh Biography website.)
  • Billhead of F. L. (Francis Lewis) & I. W. (actually J.W., John William) Thomas, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, 153 New Bond Street, London, for items (including centre pieces, dishes and covers, warmers, and repairs(?) to a silver coffee pot) supplied to Mr Sergeant Atcherley in 1841, 1842 and 1844. Settled in 1845. (Brief history of the Thomas family firm at 153 New Bond Street at A Small Collection of Antique Silver and Objects of Vertu (website).)
  • Billhead of S. & J. Fuller, Engravers, Printsellers, Fancy Stationers, & Preparers of Permanent Superfine Watercolours, 34 Rathbone Place, London, for varnishing (or furnishing?) screens (?) for Mr Atcherley in 1844. Settled in 1845. (Biographical details of S & J Fuller at The British Museum website.)
  • Billhead of Howard’s Brush Turnery and Comb Warehouse, 23 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, for a cushion (?) supplied to Mr Atcherley. Settled in 1845.

Receipts relating to board etc of Henry Oliver Atcherley at Exeter, 1863:

  • Receipt for money received from Mr (Granville Diggle) Hill by C (Caroline or Charlotte) Atcherley in respect of board etc of H. O. (Henry Oliver) Atcherley, during the quarter ending 29 Sep 1863. Dated 2 Oct 1863.
  • Receipt for money received from Mr (Granville Diggle) Hill by C (Caroline or Charlotte) Atcherley in respect of board etc of H. O. (Henry Oliver) Atcherley, during the quarter ending 25 Dec 1863. Dated 23 Dec 1863.

Story (with images): Henry Atcherley’s school days.

Billheads for items supplied to Mrs (Caroline Frances Amherst) Atcherley (née Stacey), 1882:

  • Billhead (in 2 parts) of John Craft, Cheesemonger, Knightsbridge, for cheese x 3, 2 sausages, tongue, lunch tongue, potted meat, gorgonzola and a jar of cream supplied to Mrs Atcherley on various dates in June and July 1882.
  • Billhead of J. J. Ratcliff, Butcher, 6 Shepherd’s Street May Fair, for items supplied to Mrs Atcherley on various dates in June (presumed to be in 1882).
  • Billhead of James Knight, Fishmonger, 4 Shepherd’s Market, Curzon Street, May Fair, for items including sole (?), salmon (?) and lobster supplied to Mrs Atcherley of 13 Hertford (Street) on 6, 7 and 8 July 1882.
  • Billhead of T. Devereux, poulterer, 7 West Chapel Street, Curzon Street, May Fair, for 1 duckling and 1 lb “Saus” (sausages) supplied to 13 Hertford Street on 13 June 1882.

Other ephemera

  • Bookplate of David Francis Atcherley featuring arms of Atcherley with Topping quartering Robinson. (From the former bookplate collection of Julia Warde-Aldam at Hooton Pagnell Hall.) Undated.
  • New! Notice of the Anniversary Election of the President, Council, and Officers of the Society of Antiquaries of London, on 23rd April, 1836. Addressed to Mr Sergeant Atcherley, Temple.
  • Election ‘flyer’ for Sir John Henry Lowther and David Francis Atcherley, Serjeant at Law, standing as Tory candidates for York. Undated but relates to election of 1837 or 1841.
  • New! Billhead of Oliver and Atcherley, Late John Satterfield & Co, Linen Drapers to the Royal Family, for funeral expenses charged to the executors of the late H H Ashworth Esq, 6 July 1877.

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George Rowland Edwards (1810–1894, 2x great grandson of Robert Lowndes and Margaret Lowndes née Atcherley) and family:

  • Colonel & Mrs. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Bayly & Son. Photo by J.G. & W. Thurtle, 45 Sandmere Road, Clapham, S.W. and 6 Albert Street, Shrewsbury. (George Rowland Edwards, Catharine Jane Edwards née Armstrong, Edward Henry Bayly, Louisa Mary Bayly née Edwards, and Charles Cecil Paget Bayley born 1885.)
    Image: See above.
  • Group on back lawn. Ness Strange. Back row – Mr. Slaney Eyton, Rev, G. Charlewood, Cap. E. Bayly. Standing – Mr. Edwards, Col. Edwards, Mr. Ravenhill, Fraulein Klie. 2nd. Row – [?] Eyton, Rose Eyton, Rev. Moat, Mr. Bayly, Miss Gertrude Edwards, Miss [Ivy?] [?], Miss F. Naylor, Miss Ella Edwards,. Front – Miss Grace Edwards, Miss E. Eyton, Miss Mabel Edwards, Cecil Bayly, Miss Annie Edwards, G.H.E., Miss [?] [?] Eyton, Miss Lizzie Edwards. Photo by J.G. & W. Thurtle, 45 Sandmere Road, Clapham, S.W. and 6 Albert Street, Shrewsbury.

Llewellyn William Atcherley (1871–1954):

  • Major General Llewelyn W. Atcherley, C.M.G. C.V.O., representative of Scotland yard, police headquarters England [at National Police Conference, Waldorf Astoria]. By Central News Photo Service. Dated 10 Oct 1922.
  • L. to R. Major General Atcherley of England, Police Commissioner Walter E. Staneland who lords it in Victoria B.C. and our own Com. McKay, [at National Police Conference, Waldorf Astoria] examining captured “jimmies”, burglars kits which had been used on safe cracking expeditions. By Central News Photo Service. Dated 10 Oct 1922.

Images: Llewellyn William Atcherley (in Pictures section).

Richard Llewellyn Roger Atcherley (1904–1970) and his aircraft:

  • Lord Thomason [= Thomson], the new Minister for Air in the MacDonald Cabinet, presenting the trophy to Flight Lieut. Atcherley at Heston Aerodrome after he had flown a big Gloster Grebe two-seater plane to win the King’s Cup Air Race around England. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 27 Jul 1929.
  • New! Gloster Grebe flown by Flt Lt Atcherley in King’s Cup Race. Undated, but from 1929. Photographer unknown.
  • New! A collection of 10 photographs of various sizes from the Schneider Trophy race of 1929, depicting the British ‘planes and in some cases the crew (including Richard Atcherley). From the archives of E B Morgan.
  • Schneider Trophy result: Great Britain Triumph. Our picture shows H.R.H. the Prince of Wales congratulating Flying-Officer Atcherley after his marvellous performance when he broke the world’s record by flying 332.49 miles per hour in one of the laps. Atcherley did not win the Trophy as he was disqualified for failing to round the pylon at Bembridge. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 21 Sep 1929.
  • Schneider Trophy Race: The British Team. Flight Lieutenant D’Arcy Greig (left), Flying-Officer Waghorn, and Flying-Officer Atcherley, (right) after the Race. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 21 Sep 1929.
  • L’aviateur Anglais Atcherley qui fut classé deuxième dans le derniere Coupe Schneider, a feit aujourd’ui au Bourgot une chute sans grevité. By Agence ROL. Undated, but relates to an incident which took place on 8 Jan 1930 when Richard “crashed at Le Bourget Aerodrome […] while flying a new type of aeroplane. He was uninjured, but the machine was badly damaged.” Source: Aberdeen Press and Journal, 9 Jan 1930, page 8. Copy viewed at British Newspaper Archive.
  • New York City – Five of Europe’s outstanding aviators were presented to Mayor Walker of New York in ceremonies held at City Hall. The flyers are en route to Chicago, Ill., to participate in the National Air Races to be held there. Left to right – Clarence Warden, chairman of the Mayor’s aviation committee; Fritz Loose of Germany; Lt. Dick Atcherley of England; Mayor James J. Walker; Lt. Al Williams of the U.S.; Pietro Colombo of Italy; and Marcel Doret of France. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 19 Aug 1930.
    Image: See right (cropped to show Loose, Atcherley and Walker).
  • Lieut. Atcherly of England lost no time in getting over to the railroad yard to see that his plane had arrived in good shape. Presumed to be by Acme Newspictures. Dated 2 Sep 1930.
  • Casey Jones, left, congratulating Lieut. Atcherley, British flyer, after watching the Englishman stunt. Presumed to be by Acme Newspictures. Dated 2 Sep 1930.
  • The foreign delegation of noted aviators who are here to participate in the air races at Cleveland, O., are shown above as they were received by President Hoover at the White House, Aug. 26th. Left to right – Aldo Giraldi, Italy; L. W. Grove, president of the National Air Races; Boleslaw Orlinski, Poland; Flight Commander R.L.R. Atcherley, (England, behind President Hoover); President Hoover; Col. Clarence Young; Assistant Secretary of Commerce; Lieut. Al Williams, former Navy flying ace; Major Ernest Udet, Germany; Colonel Czeslaw Filipowicz, Chief of commercial aviation of Poland; Lieut. Col. Mario De Bernardi, Italy; and Major Alois Kubita, of Czecho Slovakia. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 28 Aug 1931.
    Story: A day at the Air Races – Part 2.
  • The wrecked monoplane of Flight Commander R.L.R. Atcherly of England caused by a defected [sic] strut. Atcherley wrecked his ship on the eve of the National Air Races at Cleveland. The noted English pilot escaped with minor injuries. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 28 Aug 1931.
    Story: A day at the Air Races – Part 2.
  • A closeup of Flight Commander R.L.R. Atcherly’s monoplane which he wrecked on the eve of the National Air Races at Cleveland. Atcherly escaped with minor injuries. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 28 Aug 1931.
  • Flight Commander R.L.R. Atcherley of Great Britain, who wrecked his plane on the eve of the National Air Races at Cleveland, O., is here pictured back in a plane for the first time since the crackup in which the noted pilot was badly cut about the face. Atcherley thrilled the crowd with his demonstration of “How not to fly an airplane”. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 3 Sep 1931.
    Story: A day at the Air Races – Part 2.
  • Flight Commander R.L.R. Atcherley of Great Britain, a member of the International Team at the National Air Races, Cleveland, O., thrilled the crowd, when, dressed as an Oxford Professor, who has learned to fly by book, climbed into a plane and gave an exhibition in which the spectators believed he would crash. Photo shows: Left to right, Commander Atcherley, Al Williams, former Navy speed demon and “Casey” Jones, veteran flyer, who loaned Atcherley a ship for the event, Atcherley cracked-up his own plane on the eve of the races. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 6 Sep 1931.
    Story: A day at the Air Races – Part 2.
  • Photograph of R L R Atcherley standing by biplane, at National Air Races. Signed by Atcherley. Photographer unknown. Dated 1932.
  • Photograph of Mark C Emsley and R L R Atcherley, at National Air Races. Signed by both. Photographer unknown. Dated 1932.
  • Famous stunt flyers of Europe, who are in Cleveland as members of the International Team of the National Air Races, are pictured with Col. Clarence Young (extreme right) Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aviation, enjoying the event when not flying themselves. Left to right: Lieut. R.L.R. Atcherley, England; Lieut. Jean Assollant, France and Lieut. Asseu Palcido, Portugal, with Mr. Young. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 27 Aug 1932.
    Images: Richard (“Batchy”) and David Atcherley (in Pictures section).
  • Lieut. R.L.R. Atcherly of Great Britain, who plays the part of a farmer at the controls of an airplane for the first time, as part of the National Air Race program in Cleveland, narrowly escaped injury Aug 30th when he damaged his landing gear. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 30 Aug 1932.
  • Emil Kropf, (left) of Germany and Lieut. R.L.R. Atcherley, of England, members of the International Team at the National Air Races in Cleveland, O., forget the cares of hard flying and stage a little merriment for the benefit of the spectators. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 1 Sep 1932.
  • Flight Lieutenant Richard L. R. Atcherly of the British Royal Flying Corps, is pictured as he arrived in New York City, August 23, on the S. S. Olympic. He is en route to Cleveland, Ohio, to take part in the National Air Races. By Acme Newspictures. Dated 28 Aug 1934.
    Image: Richard (“Batchy”) and David Atcherley (in Pictures section).
  • A. V. M. Acherly. Photographer unknown. Dated 12 Dec 1949. Picture believed to have been taken in Hong Kong.

Other photographs:

  • Royal Military College. No. 20 Platoon. No. 5 Company. R.M.C. [Back row, left to right:] W. A. Bickford, G. A. L. Millais, J. Gifford, J. A, Keogh, A. W. F. Dalison, Sir P. W. Farquhar, Bart., L. H. Fairtlough, D. P. W. [= D. F. W., David Francis William] Atcherley, A. R. Forbes, J. L. Taitt. [Middle row row, left to right:] C.-S.-M. A. D. Sinclair, M.M. (Coldstream Guards), J. T. Rodger, E. K. Tarver, E. K. G. Sixsmith, R. C. S. Soote, G. L. Shadwell, M. W. Barnett, R. J. Keegan, J. H. O. Wilsey, E. J. H. Merry, C.-Q.-M.-S. E. C. Peters (Irish Guards). [Front row, left to right:] W. D. Horniman, R. P. Floydd, F. W. Jowers, O. C. B. Smith-Bingham, The Master of Belhaven, Capt. W. S. Cornwallis, M.C. (The Greys), H. T. W. Jowett, L. A. B. Morris, L. N. Evans, D. L. Hooton. Winners of the Junior Drill, Table “A,” and Revolver Competitions. By The Sandhurst Studio, Camberley. Dated Dec 1922.
    Image: See above (cropped to show David Atcherley in the centre of the top row).

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Paintings and other artwork

  • Atcherley, Henry Mount Langton: Sydney Harbour from South Head. Watercolour and gouache. (Likely dates from the decade beginning 1885 when Henry lived in the Sydney area, before returning to New Zealand.)
    Image: See below.

  • Atcherley, E: Winter scene with figures and a bare tree. Watercolour. (It is unclear whether this was painted by Ethel Atcherley or Eleanor Atcherley née Micklethwait, both known Atcherley artists – or by another Atcherley altogether. Date also unknown.)
    Image: See below.

  • Atcherley, E: Fast-flowing water. Watercolour. (It is unclear whether this was painted by Ethel Atcherley or Eleanor Atcherley née Micklethwait, both known Atcherley artists – or by another Atcherley altogether. Date also unknown.)
    Image: See below.

  • Unknown artist: Two Friends. Caricature sketch, in ink, of Richard Atcherley and a lion driving to Cairo. Dated 1946. (Name of artist illegible. Small newspaper cutting, of article entitled “R.A.F. lion”, attached.)
  • New! Unknown artist: John Atcherley Jebb. Oil on canvass, depicted John (son of John Jebb and Martha Atcherley) when he was Lord Lieutenant of Breconshire.
    Image: See below.

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Other objects

  • ‘Butter crock’ embossed “FROM ATCHERLEY’S ITALIAN WAREHOUSE ECCLES”. (Likely dates from the 1870s. Emma Atcherley née Broadfield, widow of James Rennell Atcherley, was a grocer at the time of the 1871 census, and a grocer and Italian warehouse woman in 1881 when she was 72.)
    Image: Pictured right.
  • Dress by Oliver & Atcherley, 13 St Ann’s Square, Manchester. (Likely dates from the 1880s.)
    Images / story: Oliver and Atcherley: The men, the firm and its history – Part 1 and Part 2.
  • New! Two pewter tankards, both inscribed: “Sqdn. Ldr. D. F. W. Atcherley / from / Public Schools Cadet Wing / 1938”. Image: Pictured below.

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