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Note: All places below are in England or Wales unless otherwise stated. Women with an Atcherley forename who married are listed under both surnames (unless they are living, in which case they are listed under the birth surname only).



Living. Child of Samuel Heygate Lefroy Key (1900 – 1961) and Grace Margery Atcherley (1905 – 1995).



Bessie G Acherley Kirkland. Appears under this name on the 1901 census of England, single, aged 47, born Liverpool, Lancashire. However the name Acherley was in error for Ackerley, and although there is a ‘do’ (ditto) written to indicate that her surname was Kirkland, this may have been crossed out. If not, it should have been – Bessie was in fact Bessie Gertrude Ackerley (she appears as such on the 1911 census and others).



Milton Atcherley Lavers. Born 27 Sep 1891 at Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, son of Charles Frederick Lavers and Harriet Elizabeth Marshall, and nephew of Fanny Amelia Lavers (~1851 – 1923), wife of Stephen Atcherley (1851 – 1894). An actor, Milton emigrated 1934 to USA and – as Milton Owen – played a number of (mainly uncredited) minor roles in films (see IMDb). Died 2 Oct 1969 at Los Angeles, California, USA.



William Atcherley Lee. Born at Bridgnorth, Shropshire and baptised there (at St Leonard) 19 Jul 1852, son of Charles Lee and Mary Elizabeth Juckes, and grandson of Richard Juckes (1792 – 1866) and Frances Elizabeth Atcherley (1798 – 1879). William was buried 13 Nov 1854 at St Chad, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.



Elizabeth Atcherley Mansell: see Elizabeth Atcherley Evans (birth name)



Godfrey Atcherley Peel Massy. Born 1914 in Canada, son of Godfrey Massy and Marianne Gooderidge. Grandnephew (or great nephew) of Jane Massy, wife of Thomas Dickin – who was son of Thomas Dickin (1737 – 1805) and Sarah Atcherley (1752 – 1803). A motorman in the Merchant Navy in WW2, Godfrey was killed 7 Jun 1942 when the South Africa was torpedoed by U-128 (Heyse).



Atcherley Matthews. Born 1877 in Staffordshire, son of William Matthews (1809 – 1892) and Priscilla Atcherley (1840 – 1924). Died 29 Apr 1878 in Staffordshire.

Charles Atcherley Matthews. Born and died 1875 in Staffordshire, brother of Atcherley Matthews above.

Eliza Atcherley (“Lissie”) Matthews. Born 1872 at Birmingham, Warwickshire, sister of Atcherley Matthews above. Died 5 Oct 1967 at Leamington, Warwickshire.

John Atcherley Matthews. Born at Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, and baptised there 23 Aug 1870, brother of Atcherley Matthews above. Died later in 1870, in Shropshire.

Mary Atcherley Matthews / Mary Margaret Matthews. Born 13 Sep 1868 at 41 Bull Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, sister of Atcherley Matthews above. Given the name Mary Atcherley Matthews when her birth was registered, but was baptised (on 29 Nov 1868 at St Phillip, Birmingham) as Mary Margaret Matthews and went by that name in all subsequent records up to her death on 12 Mar 1956 at The Beeches Hospital, Ironbridge, Shropshire.

May Atcherley Matthews. Born 1881 at Handsworth, Staffordshire, sister of Atcherley Matthews above. Died 4 Aug 1942 at Leamington, Warwickshire.

Note: William Matthews and Priscilla Atcherley had one other child, Priscilla Cureton Matthews, born and died 1866 in Shropshire.



Richard Atcherley McClymont. Born 6 Feb 1877 at Manchester, Lancashire, son of Alexander McClymont (about 1851 – 1891) and Jemima (“Mina”) Atcherley (1851 – 1911). Emigrated with his parents in 1881 to Canada, and died there 23 Nov 1948.



Frank Atcherley Mills. Connection with the Atcherley family unknown. Born 3 Aug 1891 at Oldham, Lancashire, son of Arthur Ernest Mills (born 1868) and Alice Butler (born about 1869). Emigrated with parents to USA in 1892 and lived with them in Massachusetts.



Charles Atcherley Moore. Connection with the Atcherley family unknown. Born 1913 in Muswellbrook registration district, New South Wales, Australia, son of Albert E Moore and Emily E Hinton.



Evelyn/Eveline Atcherley Needham. Born about 1874 at Pleasant Creek, Victoria, Australia, daughter of Charles Needham and Susanna Pate, and granddaughter of Thomas Needham (1802 – 1865) and Margaret Ann Atcherley (1797 – 1865) (see Was Margaret Atcherley’s son transported to Australia?). Married artist Ernest Tiger de Closay (born Ernest Henri Leopold de Closets) (1859 – 1936) and died about 1955 in New South Wales, Australia as Eveline Atcherley Declosay.



Mary Atcherley Newey: see Mary Atcherley Elsmere / Elsmore (birth name)



James Atcherley Nicholls. Born 4 Nov 1866 at Whitburn, County Durham, son of Samuel James Nicholls and Mary Anna Symes, and grandson of Jonathan Wyatt Symes (brother of Aaron Stark Symes, whose second wife was Elizabeth Atcherley Holt) and Eliza Fitzherbert Bullen. James died 6 Jan 1900 at Cape Town, South Africa.



Commander Edward Atcherley Eckersall Nixon. Connection with the Atcherley family unknown. Born 12 Jul 1878 in King’s County (County Offaly), Ireland, son of Rev Eckersall Nixon and Constantia Mary Ann Armstrong. After retiring from the Royal Navy served as Commander of the Royal Naval College of Canada. Died 10 Nov 1924 at Saanich, British Columbia, Canada.