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Note: All places below are in England or Wales unless otherwise stated. Women with an Atcherley forename who married are listed under both surnames (unless they are living, in which case they are listed under the birth surname only).



Elizabeth Atcherly O’Neill: see Elizabeth Atcherly Tilley (birth name)



Florence Atcherley Parsons. Born 18 Jul 1882 at Birkenhead, Cheshire, daughter of George William Parsons and Margaret Ann Skellorn, and granddaughter of John Skellorn (1799 – 1868) and Sarah Atcherley (1814 – 1865). Married Arthur Victor Hill (born 1880) and died at Florence Atcherley Hill, 1969 in Cheshire.



Living. Grandchild of William Patterson (1847 – 1931) and Lucy Atcherley (1852 – 1924).



Ernest Atcherley Perkins. Born 6 Jun 1869 at Manchester, Lancashire, son of Euler Perkins (1846 – 1925) and Mary Ann Atcherley (1847 – 1896). Emigrated with his parents to New Zealand, and died there 2 Nov 1953.



Edward Acherley Phillips. Born 6 Jan 1856 at Ludlow, Shropshire, and baptised there 11 Jan 1856, son of Rev John Phillips and Frances Anderson, and grandson of John Phillips (1756 – 1801) and Elizabeth Acherley / Atcherley (1754 – 1840). Died 3 Jan 1883 at Delhi, India and buried there the next day.



Bessie Atcherley Pugh. Born 2 Jul 1876 at Eccles, Lancashire, and baptised 24 Jul 1876 at the Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, daughter of James Pugh (1845 – 1930) and Lucy Atcherley (1842 – 1927). Married Charles John Derington Turner (1873 – 1961) in 1903 and died as Bessie Atcherley Derington Turner / Bessie Atcherley Derington-Turner 16 Nov 1942 at Hampton, Twickenham, London.

Rennell Atcherley Pugh. Born 5 Mar 1882 at Eccles, Lancashire, and baptised 4 Apr 1882 at the Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, brother of Bessie Atcherley Pugh above. Died 3 Dec 1944 at Crosby, Lancashire.

Tom Atcherley Pugh. Born 8 Oct 1879 at Eccles, Lancashire, and baptised 31 Oct 1879 at the Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, brother of Bessie Atcherley Pugh above. Died 23 Jul 1916 at the Somme, France, killed in action during World War 1 (see Atcherley descendants who fell in World War One).



Arthur William Atcherley Rider. Born at Welshpool, Montgomeryshire and baptised there 3 Sep 1897, son of Job Humphrys Rider and Elizabeth Williams and 3x great grandson of Richard Downes (1734 – 1776) and Mary Atcherley (1737 – 1775). Arthur died aged less than 1 year old, and was buried 23 Apr 1898 at Welshpool.

Henry Atcherley Rider. Born about 1835 at Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, son of Richard Rider and Mary Edwards and great grandson of Richard Downes (1734 – 1776) and Mary Atcherley (1737 – 1775). Henry emigrated with his wife and children to Canada, and died there 6 Feb 1928 at Toronto, York, Ontario.



Arthur Gordon Atcherley Robinson. Born about 1912 in Sussex, son of Sidney Day Robinson and Emily Preston, and grandson of Henry Dennis (born 1808) and Ann Atcherley (1813 – 1882).

Louis William Atcherley Robinson. Born 1925 in Sussex, brother of Arthur Gordon Atcherley Preston above.

Sidney Joseph Atcherley Robinson. Born 16 Feb 1910 at Portslade by Sea, Sussex, brother of Arthur Gordon Atcherley Preston above.

Note: These three brothers were great grandsons of Captain James Atcherley of the Royal Marines, who took the surrender of the French Admiral at the Battle of Trafalgar (see An Atcherley at Trafalgar). In a hat-tip to another participant in that battle, their other brother (born 27 Jan 1915 in Sussex) was named Richard Hector Horatio Robinson. These boys had a maternal uncle (born 24 Sep 1892 at Kilburn, London) who was, in a less successful attempt to honour his illustrious ancestor, named Frank Atchley Preston.



Frank Atcherley Rose. Born 5 Oct 1873 at Bedford, son of Edward Paine Rose (1840 – 1911) and Fanny Atcherley (1850 – 1908) (see Faith, hope and charity – Fanny Rose, nee Atcherley). For a picture of infant Frank, see Fanny, Jessy, Rose and Lily Atcherley. Frank, a renowned surgeon who specialised in diseases of the throat, died 30 May 1935 at St Marylebone, London.



Robert Atcherley Ryley. Born 7 Feb 1863 at Market Drayton, Shropshire and baptised there 6 Mar 1863, son of Edward Ryley (1837 – 1912) and Mary Ellen Atcherley (1840 – 1879). Robert emigrated with his parents to Natal, South Africa, and died there (at Dundee) 4 May 1931.



Samuel Atcherly Shakeshaft. Born at Cold Hatton, Ercall Magna, Shropshire and baptised at High Ercall, Shropshire, on 13 Oct 1840, son of Joseph Shakeshaft (1802 – 1866) and Emma Charlotte Atcherley (1812 – 1845). I have found no records of Samuel after his appearance on the 1861 census, at Cold Hatton, with his father and stepmother.



Catherine Atcherley Skellorn. Born at Oswestry, Shropshire, and baptised there 9 Apr 1871, daughter of John Skellorn and Jane Jones, and granddaughter of John Skellorn (1799 – 1868) and Sarah Atcherley (1814 – 1865). Catherine died aged 1 and was buried 13 Jun 1872 at Oswestry Cemetery.

Mary Atcherley Skellorn. Born at Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain, Montgomeryshire, and baptised there 3 Jun 1842, daughter of John Skellorn (1799 – 1868) and Sarah Atcherley (1814 – 1865). Married Richard Reade Foulkes (1844 – 1914) 1867 in Chester, Cheshire. Two possible death registrations: Mary A Foulkes, fourth quarter of 1922 at Chorlton, or Mary A Foulkes, second quarter of 1927 at Oswestry.



James Atcherley Spark. Born 16 Mar 1912, probably in Staffordshire, son of James M Spark and Dorothea Grey Gibbons, and grandson of William Gibbons (1841 – ~1890) and Mary Atcherley (1843 – 1924). Died 5 Sep 1985 at Amblecote, West Midlands.



Rachel Atcherley Spink: see Rachel Atcherley Wright (birth name)



Elizabeth Atcherley Symes. Born 1886 at Speen, Berkshire, daughter of Aaron Hilary Symes and Katharine Isabel Mather, and granddaughter of Aaron Stark Symes and Sarah Jefferys (Aaron Stark Symes’ second wife was Elizabeth Atcherley Holt). Married George Wright (~1886 – 1936) in 1918 and died as Elizabeth Atcherley Wright about 1972, in Kent.

Elizabeth Atcherley Symes: see Elizabeth Atcherley Holt (birth name)