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1921 Census of England and Wales (substitute)

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The 1921 census of England and Wales will not be made available to the public until 2022. In the meantime, here is a census substitute – my best guess as to the places and the family units in which the various members of the Atcherley family were living in 1921, with some of the other information (such as occupations) which the census would have recorded.

This census was originally set to take place on 24 April 1921, but the date was changed to 19 June that year because of a miners’ strike (and expected industrial action by transport workers). The data collected included not just occupations and industries in which worked but also places of work, some of which I have been able to guess and have included below. I have not attempted to add numbers and ages of children under 16 years (recorded for married men, widowers and widows) or details of orphanhood (recorded for children under 15), which was also recorded on this census. (More information on the data gathered by this census can be found in an article on the Census of England and Wales, 1921 on the HistPop website.)

Following the practice adopted with my regular census abstracts, counties of birth are omitted if the person was living in the county of their birth at the time of the census.


Parish: Altrincham. Address: 68 Hale Road.
● Head: Samuel Atcherley, 56, married, calico print designer, born Wellington, Shropshire.
● Wife: Olive Atcherley, 48, married, home duties, born Knutsford.
● Dau: Vera Mary Atcherley, 18, single, born Altrincham.
[Top] Note: Samuel and Olive were shown at the above address on the Spring 1921 electoral register.

Parish: Chester. Address: 44 Hough Green.
● Head: Caroline Mary Wynne Atcherley, 60, widowed, private means, born Chester.
● Dau: Mary Elizabeth Hope Atcherley, 27, single, private means, born Hatch End, Middlesex.
● Dau: Hester Mary Eleanor Atcherley, 25, single, private means, born Hatch End, Middlesex.
[Top] Note: Caroline was shown at the address on the Autumn 1921 electoral register.


Parish: Hathersage. Address: The Beeches.
● Head: Marian Atcherley, 60, single, private means, born Salford, Lancashire.
● Sister: Kate Mary Atcherley, 53, single, private means, born Eccles, Lancashire.
● Sister: Olive Maude Atcherley, 47, single, private means, born Eccles, Lancashire.
Plus a domestic servant.
[Top] Note: Sheffield Area telephone directories dating from 1921 – 1925 show that Miss M Atcherley, telephone number Hathersage 31, was living at The Beeches (where her mother had her home until her death on 5 December 1920). Marian’s unmarried sisters were most likely living there with her, before all three moved to Radlett in Hertfordshire around 1926.


Parish: Ilfracombe. Address: 3 South Tor.
● Head: Walter Heath Atcherley, 59, married, private means, born Withington, Lancashire.
● Wife: Alice Marion Atcherley, 53, married, home duties, born Wavertree, Lancashire.
● Dau: Ethel Mary Atcherley, 10, born Brentford, Middlesex.
[Top] Note: Walter and Alice were shown at this address on the Autumn electoral registers of 1920 and 1921.

Parish: Withycombe Raleigh. Address: 31 Exeter Road.
● Head: Alfred Sylvester, 35, married, motor mechanic, born Oldham, Lancashire.
● Wife: Ada Sylvester, 29, married, home duties, born Failsworth, Lancashire.
● Father-in-law: John Atcherley, 71, widowed, retired railway traffic inspector, born Wellington, Shropshire.
[Top] Note: John, along with his daughter and son-in-law, was recorded at the above address in the Autumn 1921 electoral register.


Parish: Gestingthorpe. Address: Near Brickworks.
● Head: Lily Atcherley, 58, single, private means, born Manchester, Lancashire.
[Top] Note: Lily was at this address on the electoral registers of Autumn 1920 and Autumn 1921.


Parish: Failsworth. Address: 3 Pole Lane.
● Head: Frank Atcherley, 39, married, bank clerk, born Failsworth.
● Wife: Dora Atcherley, 40, married, home duties, born Failsworth.
[Top] Note: Frank and Dora were recorded at the above address on the Autumn 1922 electoral register. However they had been living at 33 Timson Street in Failsworth in 1911 so it is possible they were still there in 1921.

Parish: Great Crosby. Address: Myrona, Merrilocks Road.
● Head: Roger Atcherley, 55, married, fruit and produce merchant, born Eccles.
● Wife: Margaret Milner Atcherley, 59, married, born Salford.
● Dau: Kathleen Mary Atcherley, 23, born Eccles.
● Dau: Margaret Ellen Atcherley, 21, born Eccles.
● Son: Roger Philip Atcherley, 17, born Eccles.
[Top] Note: Roger and Margaret were recorded at the above address in the Autumn 1921 electoral register, and the same address was given for Roger in a 1921 telephone directory.

Parish: Manchester. Address: 22 Buckley Street, Newton Heath.
● Head: Robert Atcherley, 69, married, car cleaner, born Wellington, Shropshire.
● Wife: Mary Atcherley, 63, married, home duties, born Donnington, Shropshire.
[Top] Note: Robert and Mary were living at the above address in 1911 (census) and both were still residing there when they died (in 1933 and 1943 respectively).

Parish: Rochdale. Address: 3 Hunger Hill, Wardle
● Head: Douglas Robert Atcherley, 36, married, labourer, born Albrighton, Shropshire.
● Wife: Jemima Aurelia Atcherley, 37, married, home duties, born Manchester.
● Dau: Marjorie Atcherley, 1, born Denbighshire.
[Top] Note: Robert was at the above address during WW1 and when he rejoined the army for a short period of service in 1920, it was also recorded as his (and Jemima’s) address in the Autumn 1921 electoral register.

Parish: Manchester. Address: 22 Butler Street.
● Head: Samuel Thomas Atcherley, married, 24, tinsmith, born Albrighton, Shropshire.
● Wife: Hannah Elizabeth Atcherley, married, 24, home duties, born Failsworth.
● Son: Cyril Atcherley, 3, born Manchester.
[Top] Note: Samuel was of the address (and engaged in the above occupation) when he married Hannah in 1918, but he may have moved and/or changed jobs by 1921. By 1927 he and Hannah were living in Cheadle, Cheshire (electoral register), where he set up in business (with James Chappell) as a fried fish dealer (Kelly’s Directory, 1929).


Parish: Notting Hill St Peter. Address: 20 Stanley Gardens.
● Head: Jane Louisa Atcherley, 83, widowed, private means, born Loppington, Shropshire.
Plus a domestic servant.
[Top] Note: This lady from Loppington liked to lop a few years off her age when the census was taken, a whole 6 years in 1911! But in 1891 and 1901 she only deducted 4 years, which I have done on her behalf for 1921. Jane was living at the above address in 1911, and it was still her home on her death in 1924.


Parish: Bedfont. Address: 3 Haswell Cottages, Hatton Road.
● Head: Richard Atcherley, 71, married, gardener retired, born Ellesmere, Shropshire.
● Wife: Harriet Elizabeth Atcherley, 65, married, home duties, born Luton, Bedfordshire.
[Top] Richard and Harriet were recorded at the above address in the 1921 electoral register.


Parish: Pembroke Dock.
● Head: Samuel Atcherley, 30, married, messenger (employer H. M. Dockyard, Pembroke Dock), born High Ercall, Shropshire.
● Wife: Mary Ann Atcherley, 34, married, home duties, born Minwear.
Stepson: Daniel Gwyrith Adams, 10, school (full time), born Martletwy.
● Son: James Henry Atcherley, 4, born Pembroke Dock.
● Dau: Violet Cynthia Atcherley, 2, born Pembroke Dock.
[Top] Note: Samuel and Mary Ann settled in Pembroke Dock and raised their family there. They were living at 7 Milton Terrace in 1917 and may still have been at that address in 1921.


Parish: Ercall Magna. Address: Poynton Villa.
● Head: Robert Atcherley, 53, widower, retired fruit merchant, born Liverpool, Lancashire.
[Top] Note: Robert was recorded at the above address in the Autumn 1921 electoral register. Although he was a widower on census night, he married his second wife on 20 June 1921.

Parish: Kynnersley.
● Servant: John Atcherley, 65, single, domestic servant, born Eyton.
[Top] Note: In the absence of electoral register data I am guessing that John was still living and working – as a servant, probably for a farming household – in the parish of Kynnersley. This parish formed part of the Wellington Registration District, in which John’s death was registered in the first quarter of 1927.

Parish: Shrewsbury. Address: Bayston Hill.
● Head: Emma Atcherley, 72, private means, born Bridgnorth.
● Plus a domestic servant.
[Top] Note: Emma was in the habit of knocking a few years off her age at census time – a full five years in 1901 and 1911 so I am guessing that she told the enumerator 72 instead of 77 in 1921. She was living at Myrtle Villa in 1911 but by 1934 her residence (as shown in that year’s Kelly’s Directory) was Milford, Lyth Hill Road, both of these addresses being in Bayston Hill.

Parish: Tibberton. Address: 54 Tibberton.
● Head: William Henry Atcherley, 36, married, farm labourer, born Shawbury.
● Wife: Sarah Anne Atcherley, 40, married, home duties, born Cherrington.
● Son: William Arthur Atcherley, 11, school (full time), born Cherrington.
● Son: Frederick Charles Atcherley, 8, school (full time), born Cherrington.
● Dau: Doris Kate Atcherley, 6, school (full time), born Tibberton.
● Son: Reginald John Atcherley, less than 1 month, born Tibberton.
[Top] Note: William and Sarah were recorded at the above address in the Autumn 1921 electoral register. I have not yet established the date when this family moved from Cherrington to Tibberton, so the birth places given for Frederick and Doris are guesses.

Parish: Wrockwardine Wood. Address: 68 Trench Road.
● Head: Henry Atcherley, 29, married, driller (employer: C & W Walker, Midland Iron Works, Donnington), born Sidney.
● Wife: Dorothy Louisa Atcherley, 24, married, born Trench.
[Top] Note: 1911 census, WW1 records, 1939 Register and electoral rolls of 1945 and 1951 all show Henry (and after 1918, Dorothy) at 68 Trench Road. I am guessing that Henry returned to his previous employer after his WW1 service, he was still employed as a driller in 1939.


Parish: Burntwood. Address: Cannock Road, Chase Terrace.
● Head: Richard Atcherley, 50, married, colliery worker, born Sidney, Shropshire.
● Wife: Hannah Atcherley, 53, married, home duties, born Adbaston.
[Top] Note: Richard and Hannah were living in Cannock Road, Chase Terrace in 1911 (census), 1918 (electoral register) and 1936 (electoral register). My guess is that Richard worked at the local colliery – if he did, the precise nature of his work there remains to be seen.

Parish: Burntwood. Address: Rugely Road, Chase Terrace.
● Head: Albert Edward Challenor, 42, married, colliery worker, born Compton.
● Wife: Fanny Challenor, 52, married, home duties, born Sidney, Shropshire.
● Dau: Dorothy Mary Challenor, 9, at school, born Adbaston.
● Nephew: John Atcherley, 24, single, colliery worker, born Forton.
[Top] Note: The inclusion of John Atcherley in this household is speculative. He may have returned to live with his mother Jessie in High Offley after WW1, but my suspicion is that he would by 1921 have settled in Chase Terrace, where his brother, sister – and his aunt and uncle – were living, and where work (at the colliery) was available. Certainly he was living with the Challenors by 1930, according to that year’s electoral register.

Parish: High Offley.
● Head: John Atcherley, 27, married, waggoner, born Knutton, Staffordshire.
● Wife: Annie Atcherley, 24, married, home duties, born Adbaston.
[Top] Note: When John and Annie married in 1920, John was living in High Offley and Annie was residing at Offleybrook near Croxton in the parish of Eccelshall. I am guessing that the couple initially settled in High Offley before their later move to Tibberton.

Parish: High Offley. Address: Shebdon.
● Head: Henry Atcherley, 60, married, shepherd, born Sidney, Shropshire.
● Wife: Hannah Atcherley, 58, married, home duties, born Crudgington, Shropshire.
● Son: Herbert Russell Atcherley, 16, single, farm labourer, born Shebdon.
[Top] Note: I am guessing that Henry and Hannah were still living at Shebdon, where they were living in 1911, and that their youngest child Herbert was still living with them. Henry was described as a shepherd by his son John on John’s marriage in 1920, and as a labourer by his son Thomas, who was married in the same year.

[Top] Parish: High Offley. Address: Shebdon.
● Head: Jessie Atcherley, 51, widowed, home duties, born High Offley.
● Son: Fred Atcherley, 12, at school, born Flashbrook.
[Top] Note: It is my guess that Jessie was still living in Shebdon, but she was widowed in 1914 and the cottage she had lived in with husband Samuel was presumably tied to his job. How was she supporting herself and her son Fred? She may have moved in with her parents Richard and Louisa Thacker (living at Shebdon Wharf Bank in 1911), or with the family of her married sister Lydia Cork (neighbours of Samuel and Jessie at Batchacre Cottages, Shebdon in 1911).

[Top] Parish: Walsall.
● Head: Thomas Cureton Atcherley, 61, married, retired police sergeant, born Oswestry, Shropshire.
● Wife: Annie Atcherley, 61, married, home duties, born Gwyddelwern, Merionethshire.
● Daughter: Lilian Eunice Atcherley, 25, clerk, born Walsall.
[Top] Note: Thomas and Annie were almost certainly living in Walsall in 1921, but not necessarily at 86b Stafford Street, their home in 1911. Daughter Lilian may have still been with them, or she may have found a place of her own; by 1939 she was living in Edgbaston, Warwickshire.


[Top] Parish: Richmond on Thames. Address: 13 Castelnau Gardens.
● Head: Florence Bertha Rose Atcherley, 45, married, home duties, born Australia (resident).
● Dau: Phyllis Atcherley, 22, single, born Australia (resident).
[Top] Note: London telephone directories dating from 1920 – 1933 show Florence Atcherley living at 13 Castelnau gdns in SW13. It appears that her husband Rowland had left the family home, though he may have continued to support his wife and daughter financially.


Parish: Birmingham. Address: Broomhall, Shirley Road, Hall Green.
● Head: William Henry Atcherley, 71, married, retired seed agent, born Moortown, Shropshire.
● Wife: Charlotte Emma Atcherley, 68, married, home duties, born Cold Hatton, Shropshire.
● Son: Eric Graham Atcherley, 29, single, born Waters Upton, Shropshire.
[Top] Note: William, Charlotte and five of their children were living at this address in 1920 according to that year’s electoral register, and it seems likely that William and Charlotte remained there until William’s death in the third quarter of 1921. Having not found any trace of Eric at a separate address in electoral registers of the time I am guessing he was still with his parents in 1921.

Parish: Birmingham. Address: Queen’s Hospital, Bath Row, Edgbaston.
● Ethel Mary Atcherley, 37, single, nurse (employer Queen’s Hospital), born Moortown, Shropshire.
Plus other nurses and hospital employees.
[Top] Note: Ethel was at this address on the electoral registers of 1920 and 1922.

Parish: Birmingham. Address: Back 1131 Warwick Road, Nechells.
● Head: William Clive Atcherley, 35, coach body builder (employer: self), born Moortown, Shropshire.
● Wife: Winifred Mary Atcherley, 41, home duties, born Sheerness, Kent.
● Son: Victor Clive Atcherley, 3, born Kent.
Plus another child, presumed living.
[Top] Note: William and Winifred were recorded at the above address in the electoral register for Autumn 1921. Clive was noted to be trading at 26 Rea Street South and had by this time established his motor car body building business with his brother Robert Clifford Atcherley.

Parish: Birmingham. Address: Strathmore, Mayfield Road, Acocks Green.
● Head: Robert Clifford Atcherley, single, 31, coach body builder (employer: self), born High Ercall, Shropshire.
[Top] Note: Robert (or Cliff, as he was known) was recorded at the above address in the electoral register for Autumn 1921 and noted to be trading at 26 Rea Street South (as was his brother William Clive Atcherley).

Parish: Birmingham. Address: 80 Castleford Road, Acocks Green.
● Head: Joseph Baxter Shakeshaft, married, 35, born Waters Upton, Shropshire.
● Wife: Ada Mabel Shakeshaft, married, 33, home duties, born High Ercall, Shropshire.
● Son: John Robert Taylor Shakeshaft, 7, at school, born Sparkhill.
● Son: William Baxter Shakeshaft, 5, at school, born Sparkhill.
● Brother-in-law: Major Cecil Atcherley, single, 26, born Rodington, Shropshire.
Plus another child, presumed living.
[Top] Note: Joseph, Ada and Major were recorded at the above address in the electoral register for Autumn 1921.


Parish: Swindon. Address: 42 Albion Street.
● Head: Elizabeth Atcherley, widowed, 74, retired monthly nurse, born Lydiard Millicent.
● Dau: George Wheeler, married, 52, striker (employer: Great Western Railway), born Swindon.
● Dau: Martha Ann Wheeler, married, 43, home duties, born Swindon.
● Grandson: Walter John Atcherley, 11, at school, born Swindon.
[Top] In the absence of electoral register data, it is a guess on my part that in 1921 these four were all still living at the same address at which they were enumerated on the 1921 census.

Parish: Swindon. Address: 101 Albion Street.
● Head: George Atcherley, married, 50, locomotive engine turner (employer: Great Western Railway), born Swindon.
● Wife: Elizabeth Jane Atcherley, married, 53, home duties, born Longcott, Berkshire.
● Dau: Amy Beatrice Atcherley, 20, born Swindon.
● Son: Walter Samuel Atcherley, 19, born Swindon.
● Son: John Frederick Atcherley, 17, born Swindon.
● Dau: Lily Atcherley, 16, born Swindon.
● Dau: Violet Atcherley, 14, born Swindon.
[Top] Note: George and Elizabeth were living at the above address in 1911, and were still there in 1939. I think it likely that all of the above children were still living with them in 1921, with the older ones most likely working in various capacities at the GWR loco works.

Parish: Swindon. Address: 104 Dean Street.
● Head: Edward John Atcherley, married, 52, locomotive engine turner (employer: Great Western Railway), born Swindon.
● Wife: Jane Dobbie Atcherley, married, 52, home duties, born Cork, Ireland.
[Top] Note: Edward and Jane were living at the above address in 1911, and were still there in 1939.

Parish: Swindon. Address: 17 Ford Street.
● Head: John Atcherley, married, 38, locomotive engine turner (employer: Great Western Railway), born Swindon.
● Wife: Ada Amelia Atcherley, married, 38, home duties, born Swindon.
[Top] Note: John and Ada were living at the above address in 1911. However their home by 1939 was 16 Birch Street so they may have been there – or at an intermediate address – in 1921. John was a brass finisher in 1911, but I am guessing that he progressed to being a turner (his occupation in 1939) over the following 10 years, like his brothers George and Edward John.

Parish: Swindon. Address: 113 Kingshill Road.
● Head: Thomas Atcherley, married, 42, wood sawyer’s mate, born Swindon.
● Wife: Agnes Maria Atcherley, married, 41, home duties, born Cork, Ireland.
● Dau: Annie Sophia Atcherley, 15, born Swindon.
[Top] Note: Back in 1911, Thomas was enumerated in the cells at Swindon’s police station. By 1939 he was living (with wife Agnes) at the above address and working as a wood sawyer’s mate – however there is no guarantee that he and Agnes were at that address (or that Thomas was engaged in that line of work) in 1921.

Parish: Wroughton. Address: High Street.
● Head: William Atcherley, married, 40, machine driller (employer: Great Western Railway), born Swindon.
● Wife: Mabel Elizabeth Atcherley, 37, married, home duties, born Wroughton.
● Son: Godfrey William A Atcherley, 11, at school, born Swindon.
● Dau: Ivy Elizabeth M Atcherley, 8, at school, born Swindon.
● Son: Charles Francis Atcherley, 6, at school, born Swindon.
● Dau: [Presumed living].
● Son: Leslie George Atcherley, 2, born Swindon.
[Top] Note: William, Mable and Godfrey were living in the High Street, Wroughton in 1911, and Mabel (by then a widow) was still there (at number 85) in 1939.


Parish: Kings Heath. Address: 161 Grange Road.
● Head: Thomas Atcherley, married, 22, labourer, born Childs Ercall, Shropshire.
● Wife: Annie Atcherley, married, 20, born Kings Heath.
● Son: Henry T Atcherley, 4 months, born Kings Heath.
[Top] Note: Thomas was a labourer, of 2 Middleton Road, Kings Heath, and Annie (Colbourne) was of 26 York Road, Kings Heath, when the couple married in 1920. They were recorded at the above address in the electoral register for Autumn 1922. The birth of their son Henry was registered in the first quarter of 1921, his age above is a guess. Henry died later that same year.


Parish: Fulford. Address: Fulford Villa.
● Head: Llewellyn William Atcherley, 50, married, H. M. Inspector of Constabulary (employer: Home Office), born Canada (resident).
● Wife: Eleanor Frances Atcherley, 49, no occupation, born Ardsley.
● Son: David Francis William Atcherley, 17, born York.
● Son: Richard Llewellyn Roger Atcherley, 17, born York.
● Dau: Grace Margery Atcherley, 15, born Kensington, London.
[Top] Note: A 1921 telephone directory shows Llewellyn (and therefore his family) living at the above address. However regarding David and Richard, after completing their education at Oundle School in Northamptonshire, engineering  apprenticeships in Leeds were found for them – they may therefore have been living there rather than at home in the summer of 1921.

Parish: Harrogate. Address: 94 Duchy Road.
● Head: Catherine Emma Grace Atcherley, 51, single, private means, born Canada (resident).
Plus a domestic servant.
[Top] Note: Catherine was recorded at the above address on electoral registers from 1918 to 1926.

Not found

Jessy Atcherley (born 1859). Jessy was living at Claverdon in Warwickshire in 1911 and may still have been there in 1921.

John Atcherley (born 1871). I have yet to find John on the England and Wales censuses of 1900 or 1911 and have not found him on electoral registers around 1921.

Josephine Helen Atcherley (born 1901). Josephine was living with her mother and stepfather Constance and John Hughes in 1911. It is possible that by 1921 she was living in Surrey.

Lewis Atcherley, his wife Maude and their two sons were most likely living in Argentina in 1921, where Lewis worked as a civil engineer.

Lucy Eleanor Louisa Atcherley (born 1898). Lucy sailed for South Africa on 21 January 1921 and did not return until 19 June 1922. She was therefore not enumerated on the 1921 census.

Marian Atcherley (nee Lowe), widow of James. Lived with her husband at Harrogate until his death in 1915. Appears in records (electoral registers, 1939 Register) in Edgbaston, Warwickshire, from 1930. But where was she between those dates, and in particular, at the time of the 1921 census?

Rowland Hill Atcherley (born 1870). See entry for wife Florence under Surrey above. Rowland may have been living in Leeds by 1921, but the earliest record I have found for him in that place is in 1925 (electoral register, living at 3 Brunswick Place).