William Clive Atcherley and Winifred

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The picture above (from which two cropped images have been taken, see below), is a digitally restored version of a scanned photograph kindly supplied by Sean McGrath. I would like to thank Sean – who is a great nephew (or grandnephew) of Winifred Mary Atcherley (née Randle) – for giving permission for his photo to be used on this website.

William Clive Atcherley – usually known as Clive – [] was the third child, and first son, of farmer William Henry Atcherley and his wife Charlotte Emma (née Shakeshaft). He can be seen here in the uniform he wore during the First World War, when he served with the Royal Engineers. Although Clive did not serve overseas (and therefore was not awarded any medals), his war was far from being uneventful. You can read his story in Brothers in Arms: Four Atcherley siblings in World War One – Part 1.

Winifred Mary Randle [] was born on 26 March 1880 at Sheerness in Kent, a daughter of Alfred Randle and his wife Jane (née Minter). Alfred Randle worked as a Dockyard Writer (a clerk or possibly an accountant) for the Royal Navy and by the time of the 1901 census was a retired civil servant. The Randle family seems to have moved around a lot, being at different addresses on every census. Mostly they were recorded in Kent, and it was at Sellindge in that county that Winifred married Clive in 1916.