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The thirteenth census of the United States, 1910

California | Illinois | Massachusetts | Ohio | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Wisconsin

This census enumerated those who were residing in the USA on 15 April 1910.

State: California. County: San Francisco. Place: San Francisco Assembly District 38. Address: 1178 Eddy Street.

● Head: John Atcherley, 44, married 16 years, born England, parents born England, immigrated 1893 (naturalized), specialist (leprosy) (own account), home rented.
● Wife: Mary H Atcherley, 35, married 16 years (7 children, 5 living), born Hawaii, parents born Hawaii.
● Dau: Sybil D Atcherley, 14, born Hawaii, parents born England and Hawaii.
● Son: John F Atcherley, 13, born Hawaii, parents born England and Hawaii.
● Dau: Mary L Atcherley, 9, born Hawaii, parents born England and Hawaii.
● Son: Roger T Atcherley, 6, born Hawaii, parents born England and Hawaii.
● Son: Samuel L Atcherley, 21 months, born Hawaii, parents born England and Hawaii.
[Top] Enumeration District: 189. Sheet No: 10A. [View at Mocavo]

State: Illinois. County: Cook. Place: Chicago Ward 1. Address: Indiana Avenue.

● Head: George E Taylor, 57, married (1st marriage), born England, parents born [crossed out: Eng. Barbados] W. Indies and England, immigrated 1871, employed in own store, home rented.
● Wife: Mattie A Taylor, 39, married (2nd marriage, 16 years, 3 children, 1 living), born Louisiana, parents born Massachusetts and Connecticut.
● Dau: Hannah M Taylor [= Atcherley], 19, single, born Illinois, parents born Ohio and Louisiana, stenographer.
Plus 2 lodgers.
[Top] Enumeration District: 166. Sheet No: 3B. [View at Mocavo]

State: Massachusetts. County: Suffolk. Place: Winthrop. Address: 164 Woodside Avenue.
● Head: Edward V Atcherley, 41, married 18 years, born Rhode Island, parents born England, timekeeper (railroad), house owned (mortgage). [View at Mocavo]
● Wife: Agnes P Atcherley, 40, married 18 years (3 children, 1 living), born Massachusetts, parents born Maryland and New York. [View at Mocavo]
● Son: Edward P Atcherley, 4, born Massachusetts, parents born Rhode Island and Massachusetts. [View at Mocavo]
[Top] Enumeration District: 1691. Sheet No: 16B.

State: Ohio. County: Licking. Place: Newark Ward 5. Address: 69, North Fourth Street.

● Head: Brndt [= Brandt] G Smythe, 64, married (40 years), born Ohio, parents born New York and Ohio, attorney (practicing, own account), home owned (free of mortgage).
● Wife: Sarah Smythe, 63, married (40 years), 2 children (both living), born England, parents born England.
● Sister-in-law: Annie Atcherly, 71, single, born England, parents born England.
Plus a domestic servant.
[Top] Enumeration District: 78. Sheet No: 10A. [View at Mocavo]

State: Pennsylvania. County: Allegheny. Place: Pittsburgh Ward 15. Address: Flowers Avenue.

● Head: Benjamin R Atcherley, 34, married, born Ohio, parents born England and Ohio, bookkeeper (railroad company), house rented.
● Wife: Estella B Atcherley, 26, married (1 year, no children), born Pennsylvania, parents born Pennsylvania.
[Top] Enumeration District: 476. Sheet No: 4A. [View at Mocavo]

State: Rhode Island. County: Providence. Place: Providence Ward 10. Address: 33 Winthrop Avenue.

● Head: Herbert A Crowell, age 29, married 2 years, born Rhode Island, parents born Massachusetts and Rhode Island, chemist (gold refining), house owned (freehold).
● Wife: Ina A Crowell, age 26, married 2 years, born Rhode Island, parents born England.
● Mother-in-law: Drusilla Atcherley, age 59, widow (3 children, all living), born England, parents born England, immigrated 1865.
[Top] Enumeration District: 267. Sheet No: 8A. [View at Mocavo]

State: Rhode Island. County: Providence. Place: Providence Ward 2. Address: 21 Phillips Street.

● Head: Rowland C Atcherley, 34, married 6 years, born Rhode Island, parents born England, clerk (fire insurance), house rented.
● Wife: Elizabeth C Atcherley, 36, married 6 years (no children), born Massachusetts, parents born Massachusetts.
[Top] Enumeration District: 166. Sheet No: 1A. [View at Mocavo]

State: Wisconsin. County: Dane. Place: Madison City Ward 9. Address: 424 South Mills Street.

● Head: Willey J Huddle, 30, born Indiana, engineer.
● Wife: Harriet Huddle, 32, born Illinois.
● Son: John Huddle, 3, born Oregon.
● Dau: Margaret Huddle, 0/12 [= less than 1 month old], b. Wisconsin.
● Nurse: Elizabeth Atcherley, 35, single, born England, parents born England, arrived in USA 1906, occupation nurse (private family).
● Inmate: Eva Pledger, 17, single, born Wisconsin, occupation servant (house).
[Top] Enumeration District: 73. Sheet No: 5A. [View at Mocavo]

Fifth Census of Canada, 1911

Alberta | British Columbia | Saskatchewan

This census was begun on 1 June 1911.

Province: Alberta. District: Medicine Hat. Sub-district: Lethbridge. Place: RNWMP Barracks.

● Constable: Charles H Atcherly, single, 23, born Oct 1887 in England, arrived in Canada 1909, race English, nationality Canadian, religion Anglican, employer RNWMP [= Royal North West Mounted Police] , 70 hours per week worked, $456 earned in 1910.
Plus other officers (constables, corporals and a sergeant) and prisoners.
Note: Charles was enumerated twice, at two different locations (see Saskatchewan below) and presumably in a very short space of time – he departed for England on 11 Jun 1911.
[Top] District 4. Enumeration / Sub-District 69. Page 35. Line 13. [View at Library & Archives Canada]

Province: British Columbia. District: Vancouver. Sub-district: Vancouver City. Place: 646 Harris Street.
● Head: John Atcherley, 45, born July 30th 1866 in England, immigrated to Canada 1911, nationality Canadian, religion English, surgeon (own account).
● Wife: Mary H Atcherley, 37, born April 24th 1874 in Hawaii, immigrated to Canada 1911, nationality Hawaiian, religion English.
● Dau: Sybil D Atcherley, 15, born Nov 22nd 1895 in Hawaii, immigrated to Canada 1911, nationality Hawaiian, religion English.
● Son: John F Atcherley Jr, 14, born April 14th 1897 in Hawaii, immigrated to Canada 1911, nationality Hawaiian, religion English.
● Dau: Mary L U Atcherley, 11, born Oct 27th 1900 in Hawaii, immigrated to Canada 1911, nationality Hawaiian, religion English.
● Son: Rodger T Atcherley, 7, born March 4th 1904 in Hawaii, immigrated to Canada 1911, nationality Hawaiian, religion English.
● Son: Samuel L Atcherley, 2, born June 18th 1909 in Hawaii, immigrated to Canada 1911, nationality Hawaiian, religion English.
Plus a lodger.
Note: “Part English” written inside the margin of the nationality column for Mary and the children.
[Top] District 12. Enumeration / Sub-District 28. Page 7. Line 8 onwards. [View at Library & Archives Canada]

Province: Saskatchewan. District: Regina. Sub-district: Regina. Place: Barracks.

● Officer: Charles [G?] Atcherley, single, 24, born May 1887 in England, arrived in Canada 1908, race English, nationality Canadian, religion Anglican, employer Mounted Police, 60 hours per week worked, $380 earned in 1910.
Plus many other officers (ranks not defined).
[Top] District 214. Enumeration / Sub-District 59. Page 8. Line 3. [View at Library & Archives Canada]

Census of England and Wales, 1911

Cardiganshire | Cheshire | Devon | Hampshire | Lancashire | London | Merionethshire | Middlesex | Shropshire | Staffordshire | Surrey | Sussex | Warwickshire | Wiltshire | Worcestershire | Yorkshire | Overseas Military

The information recorded for each person in this census included where they lived, their name, age, sex, marital status, in the case of married women the number of years they had been married and the number of children born to that marriage (plus the number of those children still alive and the number who had died – in practice, this information was often entered for the husband, and also by widows), occupation (or means of support) and the type of business worked in, whether they were employed or an employer, the place where they were born and the nationality of anyone born in a foreign country. The head of the family was identified (where applicable), and the relationship to that person of everyone else in the household was indicated.

In the partial transcripts below: details of people other than members of the Atcherley family may be abridged; names and ages are given as written; occupations may be amended for spelling and consistency; spellings of place names are corrected where possible; counties of birth are omitted if the person was living in the county of their birth at the time of the census; and words, letters or numbers (ages) which could not be transcribed are replaced with underscores: ___.


Parish: Aberystwyth. Address: “Drayton,” Penglaise Road.
● Head: John Hughes, 36, married, clerk (educational) (University College), born Aberystwyth.
● Wife: Constance Katherine Hughes, 34, married (1 yr & 3 months), born Birkenhead, Cheshire.
● Stepdaughter: Josephine Helen Atcherley, 9, single, school, born Maghull, Lancashire.
● Servant: Annie Hickens, 22, single, general servant (domestic), born Lllandinans, Montgomeryshire.
[Top] Piece 33439, Schedule 53


Parish: Altrincham. Address: 7 Bancroft Road, Hale.
● Head: Samuel Atcherley, 46, married, designer (calico printing), born Wellington, Shropshire.
● Wife: Olive Atcherley, 38, married (10 years, 1 child – living), born Knutsford.
● Daughter: Vera Mary Atcherley, 8, born Altrincham.
[Top] Piece 21541, Schedule 183

Parish: Newton by Chester. Address: Pool House, Flookersbrook.
● Head: Caroline Atcherley, 50, widow [crossed out: 2 children, both living], private means, born Chester.
● Daughter: Hope Atcherley, 17, born Hatch End, Middlesex.
● Daughter: Hester Atcherley, 15, born Hatch End, Middlesex.
Plus 4 domestic servants.
[Top] Piece 21885, Schedule 48


Parish: Ilfracombe. Address: 3 South View.
● Head: Walter Heath Atcherley, 49, married, private means, born Withington, Lancashire.
● Wife: Alice Marion Atcherley, 43, married (6 years, 1 child – living), born Wavertree, Lancashire.
● Daughter: Ethel Mary Atcherley, 8 months, born Ealing, Middlesex.
Plus a domestic servant.
[Top] Piece 13365, Schedule 86


Parish: Sandown (Isle of Wight). Address: Araluen.
● Head: Emily Conder, 44, single, born Leeds, Yorkshire.
● Servant: Amy Atcherley, 25, single, house parlourmaid, born Swindon, Wiltshire.
Plus a cook and a between maid.
[Top] Piece 5743, Schedule 7


Parish: Failsworth. Address: 130 Slater Street.
● Head: Thomas Drugan, 40, married, general labourer (railway company, Oldham Road), born County Fernagah [= Fermanagh?]
● Wife: Kate Drugan, 30, married (5 years), housekeeper, born County Fernagah [= Fermanagh?].
● Boarder: Douglas Atcherley, 27, single, general labourer (railway company, Oldham Road), born Albrighton, Shropshire.
Plus 1 other boarder also working as a general labourer for the railway company.
[Top] Piece 24141, Schedule 183

Parish: Failsworth. Address: 9 Pole Lane.
● Head: John Atcherley, 61, married, railway traffic inspector, born Wellington, Shropshire.
● Wife: Elizabeth Atcherley, 61, married (34 years, 5 children, 4 living), born Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
● Daughter: Ada Atcherley, 19, single, assisting in the business (gentleman’s outfitting), born Failsworth.
[Top] Piece 24236, Schedule 408

Parish: Failsworth. Address: 33 Timson Street.
● Head: Frank Atcherley, 29, married, bank clerk, born Failsworth.
● Wife: Dora Atcherley, 30, married (3 years, no children), born Failsworth.
[Top] Piece 24236, Schedule 349

Parish: Grange Over Sands. Address: 3 Methven Terrace, Kents Bank Road.
● Boarder: Margaret Milner Atcherley, 49, married (16 years, 3 children, all living), born Salford, Manchester.
● Boarder: Margaret Atcherley, 11, born Eccles.
[Top] Piece 25596, Schedule 169

Parish: Maghull. Address: Green Lane House, Green Lane.
● Head: Samuel Atcherley, 69, married, linen merchant, born High Ercall, Shropshire.
● Wife: Helen Atcherley, 66, married (44 years, 4 children, 2 living), born High Ercall, Shropshire
Plus a domestic housemaid.
[Top] Piece 22829, Schedule 14

Parish: Newton Heath. Address: 22 Buckley Street.
● Head: Robert Atcherley, 59, married, car cleaner (corporation tramways), born Wellington, Shropshire.
● Wife: Mary Atcherley, 53, married (27 years, 4 children, 3 living), born Tong, Shifnal, Shropshire.
● Daughter: Maud Atcherley, 22, single, weaver (shirting) (flannelette weaving mill), born Albrighton, Shropshire.
● Son: Samuell Tomas Atcherley, 14, single, errand boy (tin smiths), born Albrighton, Shropshire.
[Top] Piece 24272, Schedule 171

Parish: Oldham. Address: 74 Hillside Avenue.
● Head: William Arthur Mills, 36, married, gentleman’s hatter & outfitter dealer, born Manchester.
● Wife: Lila Mills, 29, married (8 years), assisting in business, born Bolton.
● Son: Robert Andrew Mills, 5, born Oldham.
● Son: Frank Andrew Mills, 3, born Oldham.
● Servant: Mary Atcherley, single, 51, general servant domestic, born Wellington, Shropshire.
[Top] Piece 24461, Schedule 80

Parish: Southport. Address: 78 Park Road.
● Head: Roger Atcherley, 45, married (16 years, 3 children, all living), dried fruit merchant, born Eccles.
● Daughter: Kathleen Mary Atcherley, 12, born Eccles.
● Son: Roger Philip Atcherley, 6, born Eccles.
Plus 3 servants (a governess and 2 general domestic servants).
Note: Roger’s wife Margaret and daughter Margaret were at this time boarding at Grange Over Sands, presumably on holiday or visiting friends.
[Top] Piece 22872, Schedule 66


Parish: Notting Hill. Address: 20 Stanley Gardens.
● Head: Mrs Louisa Atcherley, 71, widow (married 2 years, no children), private means, born Loppington, Shropshire.
● Stepdaughter: Miss Grace Atcherley, 41, single, born Canada.
Plus a cook and a house parlour maid.
[Top] Piece 144, Schedule 270


Parish: Arthog [near Dolgelley]. Address: Tycoch.
● Head: John Atcherley, 73, married, gardener (domestic), born High Arklow [= High Ercall], Shropshire.
● Wife: Charlotte Elizabeth Atcherley, 65, married (13 years, no children), born Norton under Cannock, Staffordshire.
[Top] Piece 34290, Schedule 60


Parish: Ashford. Address: 2 Homeland Villas, Springfield Road.
● Head: Richard Atcherley, 61, married, jobbing gardener, born Ellesmere, Shropshire.
● Wife: Harriet Elizabeth Atcherley, 54, married (30 years, no children), born Luton, Bedfordshire.
[Top] Piece 6727, Schedule 324

Parish: Ealing. Address: 37 Mount Park Road.
● Head: Mary Carruthers Atcherley, 68, widow [crossed out: married 7 years, no children], private means, born Annan, Dumfriesshire.
● Sister: Isabella Hetherington Miller, single, private means, born Annan, Dumfriesshire.
Plus a general domestic servant.
[Top] Piece 6873, Schedule 257


Parish: Cherrington. Address: Cherrington.
● Head: Sarah Lovett, 65, widow [crossed out: married 36 years, 8 children, 4 living], born Kynnersley.
● Son: George Lovett, 25, single, waggoner on farm, born Cherrington.
● Son: Frederick Lovett, 19, single, labourer on farm, born Cherrington.
● Daughter: Sarah Atcherley, 30, married [crossed out: 3 years, 2 children, both living], born Cherrington.
● Nephew [= Grandson]: George Atcherley, 3, born Cherrington.
● Nephew [= Grandson]: William Atcherley, 1, born Cherrington.
[Top] Piece 16318, Schedule 99

Parish: Chetwynd. Address: Three Horse Shoes Inn, Sambrook.
● Head: Clement Woolley, 46, married, butcher & inn keeper, born Crudgington.
● Wife: Evelyn Woolley, 48, married (24 years), assisting in business, born Newport.
● Son: George Woolley, 16, single, grocer’s apprentice, born Sambrook.
● Son: Edward Woolley, 14, school, born Sambrook.
● Servant: John Atcherley, 18, single, worker on farm, born Walton, Staffordshire.
Plus a domestic servant (May Jervis, 14) and a visitor (Ethel Jervis, 13, presumably sister of May).
[Top] Piece 16315, Schedule 114

Parish: Church Stretton. Address: All Stretton Hall.
● Head: Mary Ann Atcherley, 78, widow [crossed out: married 52 years, 8 children, 6 living), born Birmingham, Warwickshire
● Daughter: Marian Atcherley, 50, single, born Salford, Lancashire
● Daughter: Kate Mary Atcherley, 43, single, born Eccles, Lancashire
● Daughter: Olive Maude Atcherley, 37, single, born Eccles, Lancashire
Plus a cook and a housemaid.
[Top] Piece 15927, Schedule 50

Parish: Ellesmere. Address: 1 Charlotte Row.
● Head: Emma Jones, 71, widow, small shopkeeper, born Whittington.
● Daughter: Clara Jones, 41, single, dressmaker’s assistant, born Ellesmere.
● Nurse Child: Earnest Higgins, 5, born Manchester.
● Visitor: Ann Atcherley, 81, single, retired cook, born Baschurch.
[Top] Piece 16179, Schedule 187

Parish: Ercall Magna. Address: Poynton.
● Head: Mary Anne Morgan, 73, single, farming, born High Ercall.
● Servant: Charlotte Eva Atcherley, 28, single, house keeper, born High Ercall.
● Servant: Barbara May Jones, 21, single, useful help, born [Hanmer?].
● Visitor: Robert Clifford Atcherley, 21, single, cycle assistant, born High Ercall.
● Visitor: Eric Graham Atcherley, 19, single, plumber’s assistant, born Waters Upton.
[Top] Piece 16285, Schedule 69

Parish: Kynnersley. Address: Sidney House.
● Head: Richard Taylor, 66, married, farmer, born Oak House, High Ercall
● Wife: Martha Taylor, 69, married (35 years), born Wellington
● Servant: John Atcherley, 55, single, farm servant (domestic), born Eyton
Plus 2 other servants (cook, housemaid).
[Top] Piece 16282, Schedule 35

Parish: Newport. Address: The Rectory, 125 High Street.
● Head: William Budgen, 49, married, clergyman (established church), born Egham, Surrey
● Wife: Elizabeth Esther Budgen, 49, married (23 years), born Spitalfields, London, Middlesex
● 9 children (Dorothy Jane, 20; William Douglas, 18; Robert Gordon, 17; Muriel Elizabeth, 13; Hilda Margaret, 12; Helen Wiltslanie, 10; Edward Anthony, 8; George Nicholas, 6; Christopher Roger, 4)
● Servant: Fanny Atcherley, 17, single, housemaid (domestic), born Wappenshall
Plus another housemaid, a cook and a nursemaid.
[Top] Piece 16314, Schedule 270

Parish: Shrewsbury. Address: Myrtle Villa, Bayston Hill.
● Head: Emma Atcherley, 62, single, private means, born Bridgnorth
● Sister: Eleanor Atcherley, 59, single, private means, born Bridgnorth
Plus a general servant.
[Top] Piece 16051, Schedule 116

Parish: Waters Upton. Address: Terrill.
● Head: William Atcherley, 26, married [crossed out: 3 years], waggoner on farm, born High Ercall.
[Top] Piece 16287, Schedule 40

Parish: Wellington. Address: 68 Trench Road.
● Head: John Austin, 74, married, waggoner on farm, born Waters Upton.
● Wife: Margaret Austin, 70, married (47 years, 6 children, 3 living), born Walcot.
● Nephew: Henery Atcherley, 20, single, fitters labourer (engineering works), born Sidney.
Notes: John Austin, when completing the schedule, wrote ‘Wellington’ as the county of birth for all three members of the household; the Enumerator added Salop.
[Top] Piece 16309, Schedule 152

Parish: Wellington. Address: 1 Holyhead Road.
● Head: William Bullock, 77, married, retired secretary, born Wrockwardine
● Wife: Honor Bullock, 58, married (32 years), born Islington, London
● 2 daughters (Ethel, 31; Dorothy Kate, 27), both single and born Wellington
● Domestic Cook: Jane Atcherley, 28, single, born Kynnersley
Plus a housemaid
[Top] Piece 16290, Schedule 10


Parish: Adbaston. Address: Flashbrook.
● Head: Samuel Atcherley, 48, married (6 years), cowman on farm, born Kinnersley, Shropshire
● Wife: Jessie Atcherley, 42, married (6 years, 3 children, one living), born High Offley
● Son: Fred Atcherley, 2, born Flashbrook
● Son: John Atcherley, 14, Farm Labourer, born Forton
[Top] Piece 16333, Schedule 112

Parish: Burntwood. Address: Cannock Road, Chase Terrace.
● Head: Richard Atcherley, 39, married (16 years), colliery farm labourer, born Sidney, Shropshire
● Wife: Hannah Atcherley, 43, married (16 years, no children), born Adbaston
● Adopted child: John Thomas Fowel, 5, born Gnosall
[Top] Piece 16871, Schedule 288

Parish: High Offley. Address: Batchacre Gate, Shebdon.
● Head: Henry Atcherley, 50, married, labourer on farm, born Sidna [= Sidney], Shropshire
● Wife: Hannah Atcherley, 48, married (28 years, 9 children, 7 living), born High Ercall, Shropshire
● Daughter: Mary Atcherley, 25, single, born Moreton Mill, Shropshire
● Son: Tom Atcherley, 12, born Child’s Ercall, Shropshire
● Son: Herbert Russell Atcherley, 6, born Batchacre Gate
● Boarder: William Forester, 50, widower, born Staffordshire
[Top] Piece 16332, Schedule 3

Parish: Walsall. Address: 86b Stafford Street.
● Head: Thomas Atcherley, 51, married, police sergeant, born Oswestry, Shropshire
● Wife: Annie Atcherley, 51 married (30 years, 6 children, 5 living), born Corwen, Merionethshire
● Daughter: Florence Atcherley, 18, single, typist (clothiers), born Walsall
● Daughter: Eunice Atcherley, 15, single, assistant (stationer), born Walsall
● Boarder: Steward Hawkes, 40, single, police constable, born Rajpoot___, India
● Boarder: Frederick John Parker, 26, single, police constable, born Wolverhampton
[Top] Piece 17163, Schedule 51


Parish: Barnes. Address: 14 Castleton Mansions.
● Head: Ada Elizabeth Atcherley, 63, widow [crossed out: married 41 years, 3 children, all living], born London, Middlesex
[Top] Piece 3624, Schedule 54

Parish: Barnes. Address: 13 Castlenau Gardens.
● Head: Rowland H Atcherley, 40, married (13 years), actor, born Theydon Bois, Essex
● Wife: Florence Atcherley, 35, married (13 years, 1 child – living), born Melbourne, Australia
● Daughter: Phyllis Atcherley, 12, born Melbourne, Australia
● Mother-in-law: Minnie Poole, 61, married (45 years), actress, born [Hacketstown, Carlow ?], Ireland
[Top] Piece 3624, Schedule 174


Parish: Southwick. Address: Rose Ash, Old Shoreham Road.
● Head: Charles Tompsett, 40, married, brass founder, born Newhaven
● Wife: Queenie Tompsett, 33, married (11 years), born Lewes
● 5 children (Queenie, 9; Violet, 8; Charlie, 6; Jasmine, 3; Henry, 7 months), all born Sussex
● Boarder: Henry Atcherley, 39, single, private means, born Croydon, Surrey
[Top] Piece 5210, Schedule 301


Parish: Claverdon. Address: Church Road.
● [Head:] Jessy Atcherley, 52, single, private means, born Manchester, Lancashire
[Top] Piece 18807, Schedule 65


Parish: Swindon. Address: 42 Albion Street.
● Head: Elizabeth Atcherley, 64, widow [crossed out: married 43 years, 10 children, 8 living], monthly nurse, born Lydiard Millicent
● Daughter: Martha Ann Wheeler, 32, married (11 years), no children, born Swindon
● Son in law: George Wheeler, 42, married (11 years), striker (smith) (Loco. Dept. Railway Works), born Slough, Buckinghamshire
● Granddaughter: Dorothy Atcherley, 17, single, machinist (shirt factory), born Whitechapel, London
● Grandson: Walter John Atcherley, 1, born Swindon
● Adopted daughter: Ruby May Short, 7, born Swindon
Notes: Dorothy was the daughter of Elizabeth Martha Atcherley, and Walter John was the son of Amy Beatrice Atcherley.
[Top] Piece 11796, Schedule 33

Parish: Swindon. Address: 101 Albion Street.
● Head: George Atcherley, 40, married (20 years), locomotive turner (Loco. Dept. Rly. Co.), born Swindon
● Wife: Elizabeth Jane Atcherley, 43, married (20 years, 13 children, 8 living), born Longcott, Berkshire
● Daughter: Ada Elizabeth Atcherley, 19, assisting in housework, born Swindon
● Son: George William Atcherley, 14, steam hammer driver (Loco. Dept. Rly. Co.), born Swindon
● Daughter: Alice May Atcherley, 13, school, born Swindon
● Daughter: Amy Beatrice Atcherley, 10, school, born Swindon
● Son: Walter Samuel Atcherley, 9, school, born Swindon
● Son: John Frederick Atcherley, 7, school, born Swindon
● Daughter: Lily Atcherley, 6, school, born Swindon
● Daughter: Violet Atcherley, 4, school, born Swindon
[Top] Piece 11796, Schedule 82

Parish: Swindon. Address: 104 Dean Street.
● Head: Edward Atcherley, 42, married, engine turner (Loco. Dept., G.W.R. Co.), born Swindon
● Wife: Jane Dobbie Atcherley, 42, married (18 years, 1 child – living), born Cork, Ireland
● Daughter: Evelyn M Atcherley, 15, single, milliner’s apprentice, born Swindon
[Top] Piece 11787, Schedule 332

Parish: Swindon. Address: 17 Ford Street.
● Head: John Atcherley, 28, married, brass finisher (G.W.R. Loco. Works), born Swindon
● Wife: Ada Amelia Atcherley, 28, married (2 years, no children), born Swindon
[Top] Piece 11787, Schedule 402

Parish: Swindon. Address: Police Station.
● William Thomas, 26, single, general labourer, born Brentford, Middlesex
● William Tolhurst, 35, single, general labourer, born Battersea [London]
● Thomas Atcherley, 32, single, general labourer, born Swindon
● Head: William John Davis, 29, married, groom, born Braunton, Devon
Notes: All four shown as “at Present Prisoners.” William John Davis presumably noted as ‘Head’ as he was the Head of his family – he would not have been the head of this ‘household’!
[Top] Piece 11805, Schedule 303

Parish: Wroughton. Address: High Street.
● Head: William Atcherley, 30, married (3 years), machine driller (GWR Works, Loco. Dept. Rly. Co.), born Swindon
● Wife: Mabel Atcherley, 27, married (3 years, 1 child – living), born Wroughton
● Son: Godfrey Atcherley, 1, born Wroughton
[Top] Piece 11775, Schedule 9


Parish: Moseley. Address: 15 College Road.
● Head: William H Atcherley, 61, married, seed agent, born Moortown, Shropshire
● Wife: Charlotte E Atcherley, 58, married (28 years, 9 children, 8 living), born Cold Hatton, Shropshire
● Daughter: Ethel Mary Atcherley, 27, single, school teacher (private), born Moortown, Shropshire
● Son: William Clive Atcherley, 25, single, coach body builder, born Moortown, Shropshire
● Daughter: Hilda Margaret Atcherley, 24, single, school teacher (private), born Moortown, Shropshire
● Son: Magor [= Major] Cecil Atcherley, 16, single, chemist’s assistant, born Rodington, Shropshire
[Top] Piece 18692, Schedule 256

Parish: Kings Norton. Address: Headley Heath Farm.
● Head: Richard Prescott, 33, married, dairy farmer, born Stoke, Cheshire
● Wife: Ada Sarah Prescott, 34, married (8 years), born High Ercall, Shropshire
● 4 children (Richard William, 7; Thomas, 5; Kathleen, 4; John, 2) all born Kings Norton
● Boarder: Marie Ward, 74, single, living on old age pension, born Staffordshire
● Visitor: Ada Atcherley, 23, single, private means, b, High Ercall, Salop
Plus a general domestic servant.
Notes: Ada Sarah Prescott was Ada Atcherley’s maternal aunt.
[Top] Piece 17828, Schedule 41

Yorkshire (West Riding)

Parish: Sandal Magna (near Wakefield). Address: Haddon Leys.
● Head: Llewellyn William Atcherley, 40, married, Chief Officer, County Police, born Ontario, Canada, British Subject by parentage
● Wife: Eleanor Frances Atcherley, 39, married (13 years, 4 children, all living), born Ardsley
● Son: David Francis William Atcherley, 7, born York
● Son: Richard Llewellyn Roger Atcherley, 7, born York
● Daughter: Lucy Eleanor Louisa Atcherley, 12, born York
● Daughter: Grace Marjorie Atcherley, 5, born London, Middlesex
Plus 6 domestic servants.
[Top] Piece 27359, Schedule 192

Parish: Harrogate. Address: 29 Robert Street.
● Head: James Atcherley, 77, married, veterinary surgeon, born Bridgnorth, Shropshire
● Wife: Maria Atcherley, 60, married (17 years, no children), born Abberley, Worcestershire
Plus a general domestic servant.
[Top] Piece 25913, Schedule 25

Overseas Military

2nd Battalion The King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, Trimulgherry, India.
● Samuel Atcherly, Private, 21, single, born High Ercall, Shropshire
[Top] Piece 34991, Schedule number not known, page 8

Rhode Island Census, 1915

This census enumerated people resident in the State of Rhode Island on 15 April 1915.

State: Rhode Island. County: Providence. Place: Providence Ward 2. Address: 21 Phillips Street.

● Head: Roland C Atchley [= Atcherley], 38, born US, parents born England, agent (insurance).
● Wife: Elizabeth C [= Atcherley], 40, born US, parents born US.
Note: Surname not written clearly.
[Top] Enumeration District: 249. Family: 109. [View at FamilySearch]

State: Rhode Island. County: Providence. Place: Providence Ward 8. Address: 14 Ida Street.

● Head: Drucilla Atcherley, 64, born England, parents born England.
Note: Living as a separate household in the home of the Bancroft family.
[Top] Enumeration District: 345. Family: 109. [View at FamilySearch]

Originally compiled 29 Jan 2011. Last updated 23 May 2015. Data extracted from images of original census schedules.