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Art/work: Samuel Atcherley and the designs for his future

An assessment of Samuel Atcherley’s future prospects, based on the first two census returns in which he appeared, does not paint a promising picture. In 1871, at the age of 6, Samuel was the youngest of four children who were being cared for by their widowed mother, Jane Atcherley. Jane, working as a laundress to make ends meet, was supporting… Read more »

Hope and Hester Atcherley’s World War Two

As she stood in the grounds of the Roodee, between the River Dee and Chester’s ancient city walls, Mary Elizabeth Hope Atcherley might well have experienced a feeling of déjà vu. She had been here before, back in 1914 when, almost on the eve of the Great War, she and her sister Hester had taken part in an exercise organised… Read more »

James Roger Atcherley’s American Civil War – Part 4

< Back to Part 3.  Camp Four Miles South of Corinth, June 2, 1862. Mr. Editor:—I write to you, if not from the depths of my heart, at least from the depths of a wilderness. Wilderness. Ugh, that doesn’t imply half the horrors of this wretched, deserted, god-forsaken, ‘skeeter-inhabited region. From the time we reached Pittsburg Landing up to the… Read more »

James Roger Atcherley’s American Civil War – Part 3

< Back to Part 2.  Camp near Somerset, December 29, 1861. Mr. Editor:—Once more I take my knapsack upon my knee, in order, if possible, to give you a faint idea of the state of affairs here in Kentucky. Two days after sending you my last letter, we started on a long and tedious march from Camp Dick to Somerset,… Read more »

James Roger Atcherley’s American Civil War – Part 2

< Back to Part 1.  Camp Dick Robinson, Nov. 10, 1861. Mr. Editor:—If there is any truth in the old adage, ‘Laugh and grow fat,’ I advise those of my friends who are in a delicate state of health to travel with all speed for Camp Dick, take their stations under one of the trees, and watch our boys as… Read more »

If halls could talk: Marton Hall and its Atcherleys

Over the course of its long life, Marton Hall saw many members of the Atcherley family come and go. It witnessed births and deaths, it welcomed home newlyweds, and it hosted family and social gatherings of all kinds. Of its Atcherley residents and their lives, much was written – of Marton Hall itself, not so much. This ancient Atcherley abode… Read more »