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The Atcherley-Symes story – Part 1

Very early on in my research into the Atcherley family, I discovered the surname Atcherley-Symes. How and when did this surname originate, and were the bearers of that surname descendants of an Atcherley, I wondered. Eventually I unravelled a twisted trail of names and name changes leading back to the late 1700s. At the end of the trail I found… Read more »

Edward Richard Atcherley: A new start in New Swindon

The surname Atcherley is, as I wrote in the article which launched this website, “a good old Shropshire name”. However, over the course of Queen Victoria’s reign (and after it), the surname Atcherley became rarer in its native Shropshire, and more frequent in a number of other counties, as members of the family migrated. By 1911, the county which was… Read more »

War wounds: John Atcherley’s World War One

The Battle of the Ancre – the last major British attack of the First Battle of the Somme – began on 13 November 1916. Fought by the Fifth Army against the German First Army, the offensive was regarded as a success for the Allies: Beaumont Hamel and Beaucourt were taken, four German divisions had to be relieved because of the… Read more »

Elders and Fyffes and Atcherley – Part 1

Robert Atcherley, born 1868 in Liverpool – my second cousin three times removed – was easy to find on the censuses of 1871 and 1881, when he was a child living with his elders. But my searches for Robert as an adult on the census schedules from 1891 to 1911 proved fruitless – had I slipped up somewhere? I had… Read more »

Rose Atcherley and her marital difficulties – Part 3

< Back to Part 2. “In 1890, while in San Francisco we quarrelled because I wanted to go to England. He struck me at that time. He hurried me off to Salinas without permitting me to get proper clothing. He required me to live on a horse ranch in a cabin with no servant. I had to care for my… Read more »

Rose Atcherley and her marital difficulties – Part 2

< Back to Part 1 Mrs. Miner’s story was in brief as follows: She married Dr. Miner In Leeds, England, in 1886 and they came to Honolulu within a year. Shortly after their arrival here they had slight tiffs, but the first serious trouble arose out of her going into the office one day while the doctor was treating a… Read more »