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The life of John Atcherley, waggoner of Kinnersley

I never thought it would be possible to write much in the way of a story about the life of John Atcherley of Kinnersley (nowadays Kynnersley). As a son of agricultural labourer Henry Atcherley (my 2x great grandfather), John was destined for a life of relative obscurity. He never married, and as far as I know he did not father… Read more »

Atcherley ‘ag labs’ and illuminating inquests

Many members of the Atcherley family employed agricultural labourers. Some Atcherleys, on the other hand, were ‘ag labs’ (to use the abbreviation popular with family historians) or other types of farm workers (waggoners, for example). Finding records which shed light on the lives of these Atcherley ag labs has not been easy – but recently I discovered details of some inquests… Read more »

Before he was famous: When Mr Serjeant Atcherley was an Ensign

David Francis Atcherley [], the first of his name, was well known in later life as Mr Serjeant Atcherley. As a Serjeant-at-Law, David was part of a select group of barristers from which judges for the common law courts were chosen, with exclusive jurisdiction over the Court of Common Pleas. The name of Mr Serjeant Atcherley (or Mr Sergeant Atcherley… Read more »

The Atcherley-Symes story – Part 3

We regret to have to announce here the wreck, on the Blackwater Sands, county Wexford, of the Rochester, Capt. [Truman], on her way with passengers for New York. She was a fine vessel, 850 tons register, and chartered by Messrs. Grimshaw and Co., of Liverpool, from which town she sailed on Sunday last, and in 36 hours after she struck,… Read more »

The Atcherley-Symes story – Part 2

< Back to Part 1. On 27 August 1816, an Anglo-Dutch fleet in the Mediterranean approached the north African city of Algiers. The fleet’s mission was to secure the release of Christian slaves, and put a stop to the Algerian practice of enslaving Europeans. A shot fired by an Algerine gun triggered the planned bombardment of the city, its defences,… Read more »

The Atcherley-Symes story – Part 1

Very early on in my research into the Atcherley family, I discovered the surname Atcherley-Symes. How and when did this surname originate, and were the bearers of that surname descendants of an Atcherley, I wondered. Eventually I unravelled a twisted trail of names and name changes leading back to the late 1700s. At the end of the trail I found… Read more »