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The Misses Atcherley and their seaside holidays – Part 2

< Back to Part 1 Llandudno  The extraordinary advantages which nature has made available for establishing Llandudno as a watering place, have doubtless been the great inducements whereby a spirit of enterprise has been attracted to found on its shores a rising town, which it needs no spirit of prophesy to foretell, must become one of the most popular and… Read more »

The Misses Atcherley and their income from property

Census records for Atcherley siblings Anne, Hannah and Margaret reveal something of the sisters’ story from 1841 up to the end of the 1800s. They tell us that between 1841 and 1851, the sisters had moved from their native parish of Baschurch to the town of Shrewsbury. The latter census shows the trio – who were often referred to as… Read more »

Mary Atcherley, née Rennell: Wife, mother, and widow

< Back to Mary Atcherley, née Rennell: A Eurasian in England. Writing about the lives of women in times gone by can be a challenge, thanks to the lack of records and other traces of them (compared with those which tend to survive in respect of men). Such is the case with Mary Atcherley, née Rennell []. Something of a shadowy figure… Read more »

Mary Atcherley, née Rennell: A Eurasian in England

< Back to Mary Atcherley, née Rennell: Putting the geographer’s daughter on the map I have far more questions about the life of Mary Atcherley, née Rennell (1770–1842) [], than I have answers. What education did she receive, and where did she receive it? When did she come to England, her father’s native land, from British India, the place of her… Read more »

Mary Atcherley, née Rennell: Putting the geographer’s daughter on the map

“DEATHS. […] At Bridgnorth, in her 67th year, Mrs. Atcherley, widow of the Rev. Roger Atcherley, Vicar of Much-Wenlock, and daughter of the late highly distinguished geographer, Major Rennell.” – The Gentleman’s Magazine, April 1842. The “highly distinguished geographer” Major James Rennell (1742–1830; pictured right) [] was a man of extraordinary talents. He was an expert surveyor and researcher who produced… Read more »

Roger Acheley, Part 2 – Freeman of the Drapers’ Company

Although in official records the subject of this story was almost always named as Roger Acheley, to the Drapers’ Company of the City of London he was usually known as Roger Achilley. It was under this name that Roger’s admission to the freedom of the Drapers’ Company was recorded in 1479. Having gained his freedom, by serving an apprenticeship under… Read more »