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Love and Marriage (Settlement): Thomas Atcherley and Hannah Cureton

 This Indenture of Three Parts made the Twentieth Day of February in the Tenth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the [faith] and so forth And in the Year of our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and Seventy Between John Atcherley… Read more »

Thomas Atcherley and his Marton tannery

 There is a kneeling in this Peiw, which belongs to that chiefe house in Marton which Thomas Acherley purchased of Lloyd Peirce, Esq.; it is not that house wherein Andrew Acherley now dwelles but the house which stands on the right hand as wee go from the street to Andrew Acherley’s dwelling house, and is now made use of for… Read more »

Christiana Atcherley in her own words – Part 3

< Back to Part 2. “Since the receipt of your letter yesterday, My dear Sir, I have been in a state not to be described, I was so completely shocked every way at its contents …”. So began a letter written by Christiana Atcherley, on 10 December 1811, to Charles Cox Esquire at Bartlet’s Building in Holborn, London. Christiana was… Read more »

Christiana Atcherley in her own words – Part 2

< Back to Part 1. The marriage of Christiana Shairp and James Atcherley took place at East Stonehouse in Devon on 8 November 1802. James, then a Lieutenant in the Royal Marines, was promoted to the rank of Captain within two years and, in 1805, he took part in one of Britain’s greatest sea battles (see An Atcherley at Trafalgar)…. Read more »

Christiana Atcherley in her own words – Part 1

 Sir, I am afraid you will scarcely pardon the liberty a stranger is about to take with you, but I am at present under the greatest affliction of mind, having a month ago lost my only daughter, and having been so many many years absent from my native country I am as it were worn out of acquaintances there; I… Read more »

Charities, golf tees and Catherine Emma Grace Atcherley

Although born in Canada (at Brockville, Ontario, on 21 July 1869), Catherine Emma Grace Atcherley – usually known as Grace – grew up in Rhyl on the north coast of Wales. After losing her mother when she was just one year old, and her father at the age of five, it seems likely that Grace was brought up by her… Read more »