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The Rev James Atcherley, Head Master of Shrewsbury – Part 1

I Roger Atcherly of Frankwell within the Liberties of Shrewsbury Tanner (in health of body and of sound mind) do make this my Will … to my Son James Atcherly for as much it hath cost me as much money in Education in bringing him to the ministry therefore I do give to him five pounds to be paid to… Read more »

Hope and Hester Atcherley’s school days

Sisters Mary Elizabeth Hope Atcherley and Hester Mary Eleanor Atcherley – Hope and Hester – attended The Queen’s School in Chester from around 1904 until just before the First World War. Thanks to the online archive of the school’s magazine Have Mynde, it is possible to follow the Atcherley sisters’ progress through those years and share some of the experiences… Read more »

The disappearance of David Atcherley

Yesterday, one of my Google searches for an incorrect spelling of the surname Atcherley led me to a fantastic find on YouTube: a short British Pathé film featuring Air Vice Marshall David Francis William Atcherley. It is the first film of David that I have found – and it may also be the final film in which this Atcherley twin… Read more »

Glover, mercer, drapers – Roger and Elizabeth Atcherley

The first Atcherley to be listed in a trade directory appears to have been Roger, a mercer and draper in Whitchurch, Shropshire in the late 1700s. Among those Atcherleys claiming second place (and certainly the first female Atcherley to be so listed) was none other than Roger’s wife, Elizabeth. Roger Atcherley, who was named after his father, was the youngest… Read more »

Richard Atcherley in pre-WW2 Germany – Part 1

Ever since the time when the German government announced the intention of forming an Air Force, the expansion and development of that force has been a matter of the highest interest, not only to all keen officers in the R.A.F., but also to everyone in England. So many conflicting reports and wild rumours are current concerning the air power of… Read more »